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Most Popular Summer Classes

Hip Harp Academy’s Summer Quarter officially started last week! You probably got a lot of emails from me about it because I’m excited about what I’m teaching!

Since then, I’ve been inundated with inquiries from those with busy summer plans about how to register for a SINGLE “standalone” class in the Academy.

We hear you! Summer may not be the best time for you to fully commit to a year-long membership. So …… I am thrilled to announce that we have compiled the “Most Popular Summer Classes,” just for YOU – now available for purchase as standalone courses!

These are all suitable for harpists – pedal or lever – of any level from fledgling to professional.

AND … this summer they’re all 20% off!

Sign up for the ones you want this summer — and this Fall you’ll get a chance to apply 100% of the purchase price to upgrade to the Academy.

Enjoy these 4 Most Popular Summer Classes!


“Hands on Harmony” covers the four quadrants of basic tonal and jazz harmony – extension, alteration, substitution and progressions – as well as covering ‘families’ of chords and basic modulation skills.

Sing & Play Harp

“Sing & Play Harp” teaches you to sing and play harp the same way people learn to sing & play guitar: with chords and picking patterns you can use over and over in different ways.

One Song: The Nightingale

“One Song: The Nightingale” is a new way of learning music, to play the song of your heart. When you learn to do that with One Song – you’ll know how to do it with any song!

“Blueprints for Creativity” is a powerful collection of seven immersion trainings to help you build repertoire quickly while increasing your creativity. Each Blueprint is like a recipe – it gives you the formula and the “how to” to create full musical forms from any simple melody – and you get seven different formulas

To give you an idea how powerful these formulas are, Mozart only used 2 or 3 different formulas throughout his life – so you can see that even a single formula can open up a lifetime of creative expression and repertoire. (And trust me, you don’t have to be Mozart to have massive fun and self-expression with these)

What makes these classes so valuable, fun, and useful?

  • Self-guided learning materials: you get access to the materials 24/7 for 6 months
  • Flexible learning experience: learn at your own pace and schedule
  • Pick and choose from the available classes: dive into the classes that are most relevant to your interests and goals
  • Play and learn: THE best way to learn music is by PLAYING – so our courses emphasize HANDS-ON learning – which means you’re playing while you learn … and learning while you play!
  • You can upgrade to full Academy Membership: Sign up for the classes you want this summer — and this Fall you’ll get a chance to apply 100% of the purchase price to upgrade to the Academy.

How’s that for valuable, fun, and useful??

And remember … at Hip Harp Academy, music is all about Connection … not perfection.

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Harpists who Dare!

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