Recently, someone sent me this unauthorized Pocket Recording of my performance with an orchestra of “Season of Celebration.” I don’t know the location, or the ensemble, and please don’t tell me if you know, because … well … it’s unauthorized – but I really want to share it with you.

Sure, it’s a noisy recording and sometimes distorted – but it’s the only recording I have of this piece in performance and I’d love you to hear it, to get the possibility that a whole audience could learn a choral piece to sing with orchestra in about 3 minutes and then have the joy of singing it en masse with the majesty and power of symphony. 

I get the opportunity to sing with an orchestra as part of career as a performer – and it’s one of the most glorious experiences you can possibly have.  I just want to share that experience with others – to make it possible for ANYONE to experience that. It has the exhilaration of a white-water rafting concert experience. Not that I’d know, since I’ve never been white-water rafting.

This medley of Dona Nobis Pacem,  Lully Lullay,  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and my original round Season of Celebration was originally the final movement of a holiday concerto for harp and orchestra called “Season of Celebration” and it’s a rare opportunity to hear it with full orchestra.

I invite you to sing along — and below the recording is the downloadable sheet music and a short audio training so you can learn it and then teach it to your friends and family. The recording also starts with part of the short training I did for the live audience.

What would I love? That you sing it with your family this Holiday season … or ANY holiday season … and share the video of it with me.

Listen to the Pocket Recording

Ignore the scratchiness and distortion and enjoy being there, in someone’s pocket, at a live performance

Learn the Round

Season of Celebration Round to Learn

by Deborah Henson-Conant

Want to Hear More of the Pieces from the “Season of Celebration” Suites?

This little player has three more movements of the two Holiday Harp Concertos I wrote to debut with the New England String Ensemble – these are from the premiere performance with string orchestra. Enjoy!


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