Have you ever wondered how it is to be a member of the Hip Harp Academy by Deborah Henson-Conant?

We have good news for you. We asked Carol Booth, a member of the Hip Harp Academy to share how it feels to be part of the academy and how it helped her creative self-expression.

Get to know Hip Harp Academy from the inside by watching  Carol’s video interview below.


For me, when I started, I had to pick, I think I came in a summer harp jam. It was in COVID and I was going to be bereft if you weren’t keeping doing hip -hop. So I came in a summer harp jam and I had to pick one of the classes and go through it, you know, properly, because that gave me something to hang on to.

It’s something I felt I was able to do. I think it was whatever it was at that stage at the main class. So I did that properly, most of it. And then I realised you don’t have to do all that. But starting by doing one of the classes and, you know, ticking off that I’d done it was helpful for me.

I mean, the very first piece of homework I did, I think, was a drawing. I had no concept of what that had to do with harp. But I got it after I did the homework. And I’m, you know, being a goal -driven oriented sort of A -type personality, putting in the homework helped me feel like I was getting something out of it.

And I was blown away by how kind people are with their feedback, you know, and how helpful and how things I didn’t think would be useful have been incredibly useful. Like that homework I now look back and realise was about the pattern of an introduction, a melody, a cadenza or an improv, and then back to the melody and then to an ending.

Now it’s in my head, more or less, I can play it like I can do that in improv anytime I did the picture. It sticks in my head. That’s what you do. So when I’m playing out in hospital, and I’m out of my depths and floundering, I remember that pattern.

And so the idea that people are going to pick out what actually works is really helpful. The other thing was that when I got a harp buddy, that pushed us both along. So it being in the same moderately the same time zone, she’s in New Zealand, and us being moderately the same level, I went out and bought an amp because she had the amp and my amp’s beautiful.

In the interview above, Carol shared the lovely experience she had when she joined the Hip Harp Academy.

By offering a community-driven and inclusive platform for harpists at every stage, the Hip Harp Academy continues to pave the way for musical growth, self-expression, and meaningful connections.

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