I’ve been writing music like a mad-woman since I was 12, and a lot of the projects I’m currently working on are projects I started decades ago (yes … decades).

And in 2014 I’m releasing a bunch of them. Publishing them. Putting them into the hands – literally – of a new generation.

One of the pieces I’m publishing this summer is called  a powerhouse showcase for the harp that harpists all over the world are starting to perform.  I wrote it to prove – to myself and the world – that the harp can be powerful, dramatic, rhythmic and passionate!

And in 2014 ….

New Orleans & Sydney

This June, “Baroque Flamenco”  is a featured work at the American Harp Conference in New Orleans (June) and at the World Harp Conference in Sydney, Australia (July).

Two different versions: one for full symphony and harp – the other for chamber ensemble and harp.

In New Orleans, I’ll  be conducting the symphony orchestra (gulp!) while award-winning harpist Eleanor Turner performs as the harp soloist. This is my first time conducting a full orchestra, and I’m excited (OK scared)  (OK … terrified) to develop that skill that I studied at U.C. Berkeley but never really put into practice.

In Sydney, the piece is the focus of a master class with chamber ensemble. Four harpists will have the chance to work on the piece with the ensemble and myself.

But in order to do so, they have to provide an audition tape, which consists of the complex and fiery cadenza (Here’s a blog with versions of different harpists playing the cadenza)

Baroque Flamenco Beta Test Boot Camp

Since harpists have to audition for the Sydney masterclass by playing the cadenza, I wanted to give harp players all over the world the best chance at learning the piece and doing a good job with the unusual techniques, so I created an online teaching program to help them learn it.

And while I was teaching these advanced players the piece, I figured I’d also teach an intermediate and advanced-beginner level as well.

And starting THIS WEDNESDAY I’m offering the Beta-Version of the course — with limited spaces open for harpists of all levels to learn the piece and be exclusively involved in the YEAR OF BAROQUE FLAMENCO!

Sound like fun? I think so! Make sure to click HERE  to check out the website we made specially for this course and click HERE for more on Guinea Pigs with Harps

And now … let the Year of Baroque Flamenco begin!

p.s. The cool images of harpist with harp above are harpist Laurie Rasmussen who played “Baroque Flamenco” with the SBBC Symphony in San Diego.

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