fish-harpist-ed-square-600p(Yeah, I know this is a fish, and not a guinea pig … but you gotta make the best of what you got, right?)

Scientists aren’t the only ones to collaborate with guinea pigs, lab rats and fruit flies.

But me, I need harpists.

When I create something new I’m usually primary lab rat and guinea pig myself.  And I love being a guinea pig.  But when a project gets bigger … that’s when I put out the call for guinea pigs with harps.

“Heloooooo guinea pigs!  Grab your harps!” Here’s what’s happening:

My new “Baroque Flamenco” Bootcamp launches at the end of March but STARTING TOMORROW the Beta-Test version of the course launches. It’s a 10-day ‘Bootcamp’ with online lessons every day.  It’s a multi-level course so every harp player from advanced beginner to professional can learn it at their own level.

<<< SIGN UP HERE >>>

It has limited spaces open for each level of harp player (advanced beginner, intermediate, and advanced/professional), and there’s a great discount on the course to make it even more fun – so grab your harp and head to the signup page (above) where you can learn more about it as well

“Baroque Flamenco” is my fiery harp showpiece and part of the project that won me a Grammy Nomination.  It’s being featured at the American Harp Conference in New Orleans AND at the World Harp Congress in Sydney, Australia. It’s the subject of a masterclass in Sydney, and harpists need to play the piece to audition. (read all about those events here).

So if  you play the harp and you want to learn a piece that will blow the socks off any listener, join me for “Baroque Flamenco” Bootcamp Beta  – because it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Those of you in the first round – are my beta testers (aka guinea pigs) – hence, the reason this is called the “Beta” bootcamp.  You help me shape the course by your comments, feedback and how effectively you’re able to learn the piece – (so, no pressure, beta testers)!

Actually – the pressure is on me to make it work!  And to make it FUN!

Sound like fun to YOU?   Click HERE  to register now and check out the website we made specially for this course … then grab your harp and head to the lab!


p.s. Thanks Carol Levin and … um … Pinky(?) for the great photo (above) in response to this blog!!!


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