On Thu. May 1st at 8pmBoston University presents “Mythic Women: Stories for Soprano & Chamber Ensemble” – an evening of  original chamber works for soprano, harp, cello, piano and clarinet both by composer Deborah Henson-Conant. 


“Songs of the Pyre” is a 5-movement song cycle about a woman accused of witchcraft in 16th-Century Europe.  “Persephone Lost” is a a One-Woman, One-Act Opera about the Goddess Demeter and the creation of the seasons.  Both works feature soprano Jeila Irdmusa and instrumentalists from the Boston University Chamber Ensemble program and both are dramatic works of music-theater about women who hold a place in our mythology.

What’s so cool about this?

For one thing, “Mythic Women” is a concert of serious chamber music written by a living, female composer – performed by women – and about mythic women. 

The stories are dramatic.  And, frankly, the singer gets really loud sometimes!

“Songs of the Pyre” follows a women accused of witchcraft: accusation to madness.  “Persephone Lost” reveals the revenge of a Goddess mother who’s child is abducted to the Underworld.

OK … this is NOT light-and-fluffy music, but it’s passionate, dramatic musical story-telling that’s bound to make you think.

The concert kicks off “National Chamber Music Month,” at Boston University’s CFA Concert Hall and is free to the public.

Basic “Who, What, When & Where”

  • WHO: Jeila Irdmusa (Soprano), Szu-Ning Tai (Harp), Yun-Yun Lin (Cello), Celine Ferro (Clarinet), and Ling Lo (Piano).
  • WHAT: “Mythic Women” – Two dramatic works of music theater Soprano & Chamber Ensemble by composer Deborah Henson-Conant (with ensemble coaching by harpist Barbara Poeschl-Edrich)
  • WHEN: Thu. May 1, 2014 – 8PM
  • WHERE: CFA Concert Hall at Boston University (855 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02215)
  • PRICE: Free admission


Basic Program Description

GRAMMY-nominated, Deborah Henson-Conant, is the composer of this song cycle and One-Act One-Woman opera for soprano and chamber ensemble. These stories are full of life, struggle, loss, and ultimate glory.

The program will be sung by soprano Jeila Irdmusa and played by Szu-Ning Tai (Harp), Yun-Yun Lin (Cello), Celine Ferro (Clarinet), and Ling Lo (Piano). Harpist Barbara Poeschl-Edrich coached the ensemble on both pieces.

The program is based on stories of mythic women:

  • Songs of the Pyre” is a song cycle about a woman accused of witchcraft in 16th century Europe, who plummets from disbelief into madness.
    • Persephone Lost” is a One-Act One-Woman Opera about Demeter, Goddess of the earth’s Fertility, who’s daughter is stolen to the underworld, and as a result, transforms her own grief into the world’s first winter.

Help us Spread the Word:

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  2. Download and share the poster (see above)
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  5. Join us for the performance Thu. May 1st 8pm at Boston University!

Please share this video about the project!

Mythic Women is kicking of Chamber Music America’s National Chamber Music Month!

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 1.51.05 PM





More images of Mythic Women from rehearsals (click them for a larger version):Rehearsal-Jeila-Cindy-Celine-BU-MythicWomen

 Cindy-Cello-BU-MythicWomen Jeila-ClosedEyes-BU-MythicWomen


 Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 3.25.14 PM






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