In this room Heaven bloomed

This is an archive post ~ originally published Apr. 2, 2012 and updated in 2018 In my late teens, I was visiting Edith, my grandmother, in the San Joaquin valley where I stayed with her for part of every summer. She gave me her pincushion and a few spools of thread... read more

How I met my mother

This is a special Mother’s Day message – and a question: Where is your mother in you, now? This picture is my mother and me when I was little.  My biggest childhood heroes were my mother, my aunt, our post-mistress who had a wooden leg, and my dad’s dog. I... read more

Counting Fish

It was in Calaveras County, in the foothills of the Sierras in the ’60’s.  I was 6. We went to a forestry preserve – maybe a fishery, and likely in Big Trees State park. We walked into a small flat meadow, where a forest ranger in short sleeves knelt... read more

This is the gift

Yesterday, on the bike path, pedaling home from a stint at the Kickstand Cafe with my computer, there was a small group ahead of me on the path in sunlight that looked almost dusty:  A mother – or grandmother – and a child. Like it would have been when I... read more

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