What if …

  • What if you took a class where you discovered you could just sit down and improvise your own arrangements?  Boom!  Just like that!
  • What if it was like one of those dreams where you realize you can suddenly do something you always longed to do – and the ability is just suddenly there in you?
  • What if you had so much fun in the class that you found yourself playing the harp like you played your favorite game as a kid?
  • What if you couldn’t wait to practice each day because it was soooooooo much fun??
  • What if each session at your instrument felt like a revelation because it was easy and fun?  What if you were playing WITH your music, playing WITH your instrument – and not worrying for a moment about getting it ‘right’?
  • What if being IMPERFECT was a requirement of the class? What if everyone in the class was imperfect including the teacher?? And what if that gave you a giggling, jubilant thrill to know you fit in perfectly – just by being perfectly imperfect?
  • What if you realized you already have the skills you need to play beautiful music you LOVE and you just needed guidance to help you focus those skills – a blueprint, a toolbox of ideas and simple techniques you could pull out whenever you needed them – to spice up your playing, or gentle it down?
  • What if you found yourself improvising with freedom – at your level of skill and ability – exactly as you are … right now?
  • What if your fingers felt like they were starting to sing … and to listen?
  • What if you could just sit down and PLAY … really PLAY, like it was the most natural thing in the world?
  • What if your instrument thanked you for the voice you gave it?

Join us for the NEXT Class in Hip Harp Academy:
Hip Harp Toolkit. 

You Can!

You just need the blueprint, the toolkit and someone to show you how to use them.  You just need support: a guided class, supportive colleagues, the opportunity to ask the questions that stop you from moving forward.

That’s what you get in Hip Harp Toolkit.

By the end of the 10-week Class you’ll be improvising arrangements at YOUR exact level of technical ability – and you’ll be playing music that’s perfect foyou … because you’ll be creating it yourself, on the spot.

If all these people you see in the images at the beginning of this post – and many others – can do it  … so can you! Check out this blog post with projects students in the class have done.

Got questions about how this class can work for you? Use my Ask a Question form

This post was originally published Oct. 2017 and updated in 2019


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This is an encore post I’ve updated and reposted because I really like it!  I originally shared it Sept. 28, 2015

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