This is an archive post ~ originally published Jan. 3, 2016 and updated in 2018

Would you read every word from a script if you were pouring your heart out to your best friend?

No? Then why read every single note when you’re trying to express yourself on the harp?

As a musician, when you feel like you have to play every note exactly the way it’s written, you’re tense and anxious, worried about getting it right.

It’s time to learn to speak your own musical mind!

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I’ve spent a lifetime learning to speak my own musical mind and I’m teaching a fun 6-week course – for harp players only – lever or pedal – any level from advanced beginner to professional — that teaches you how to have one of the most fun and lively musical conversations that exists: THE BLUES… in BLUES Harp-Style.

How can everyone from Fledgling players to Professionals be in the same class together?

That’s one of the most powerful aspects of the BLUES.  It’s a simple concept to learn and start playing immediately — but one you can spend a lifetime exploring and expanding — like any great conversation.

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Most people know the Blues can be raucous or soulful and it’s great for singing “My Baby Done Left Me.” But did you know you can also sing a gentle, responsive Blues lullaby?  Blues is a form you can re-STYLE in many ways and that’s all part of what I teach in my 6-week course “Blues Harp-Style.”

Best of all – you’ll learn to do it without music so you can really focus on the people you’ll playing to – or playing with!

If you play the Harp – lever or pedal – at any level – make Blues a part of your musical conversation:

1. Sign up for these TWO FREE online Webinar Replays: Blues For Meditation and Jumpstart Blues.

2. Sign up for the full 6-Week “BLUES Harp-Style” Course. Do it right now because the class closes on April 17th at midnight! Register for Blues Harp-Style HERE!

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