This is an archive post ~ originally published Jan. 6, 2017 and updated in 2019

The strings of passion – these seven principles – they’re not steps, they’re strings like the strings of our instrument.

And there are seven, just like there are seven strings of each octave of our instrument.

And the point of these seven strings and these seven ideas is to connect us back and forward and in and out and around and through to that impulse

The point of these strings it to connect us in and out Click To Tweet

There are 7 strings of passion, like the 7 strings in each octave of my instrument Click To Tweet

My 10-Week online program “Strings of Passion” gives you the principles and practices to turn creative impulse into creative expression. You’ll develop more fluency and expressive richness in every area of artistic performance – including your everyday life – and develop your own daily creative practice.

If you’re a creative … and especially if you play the harp:
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(Thanks to Tess Nurman for selecting, transcribing and compiling these excerpts and to Kaitlyn Burke for turning them into video explorations) The quote above is from the video, an excerpt from my “Intro to Strings of Passion” Webinar. 


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If you play the harp ...
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