I always wanted to create a project like this:  A 6 day series where harp players get one short riff each day and an MP3 Playalong Blues so they can just down and play their HARPS out!!

I created the “Riff-of-the-Day” mini-course as a warmup for my upcoming 6-Week “Blues Harp-Style” online learning course for harp players.  So if you play the harp, register FREE for RIFF-OF-THE-DAY right now.

If you don’t know what a riff is ... that explanation is one of the 10 micro-videos you get on the BHROTD Welcome Page, but in the case of these particular riffs, which are all ‘melodic’ riffs: it’s a short melodic phrase that you can use over and over again in different ways ‘over’ the underlying bassline and accompaniment.  If you’ve ever learned a new language by learning small phrases you can string together, that’s kind of what riffs are – only with Blues riffs, you can use the same riff over and over to create a kind of musical momentum and get the feel of the swing groove that underlies the Blues.

The 6-Day Mini-Course also includes a playalong Blues MP3 so you can sit down and play it all immediately – it’s like you’re immediately having a Blues conversation.

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When you sign up for “Riff-of-the-Day” you get a daily email that links you to a short video.  In that video I go over the riff, show you how to play it, how to break it apart, how to use parts of it in different configurations to really play with the playalong MP3.

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