Every musician needs to know how to play “Happy Birthday.”  What if you could play your OWN version without sheet music … and then SHARE it as a birthday greeting?

My FREE “HaRpy Birthday” training shows you how to create your own version of this famous tune on your harp, no matter what your technical level! And once you’ve got your version, I want to HEAR and SEE it!!! So this post tells you how to share it — you can even post your HaRpy Birthday video to ME this month, since November is my Birthday Month! (Read on for how to do that!)

It’s about CREATIVITY and RESOURCEFULNESS, not Technical Prowess. It’s EASY and FUN and I can’t wait to see what YOU come up with!  Here’s how to do it:


 As a harp player, you’re often invited to events, gatherings, and parties where people are CELEBRATING. Sooner or later, someone asks you to play “Happy Birthday.”

Wouldn’t it be amazing to instantly be able to play your own rendition of “Happy Birthday?” Wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to make it silly, or heartfelt, or dramatic, or even meditative – completely based on the situation?

HaRpy Birthday Success Story #1:

It’s my harp teacher’s birthday this week, so today in my lesson I surprised her and played her my version of “Harpy Birthday” – it blew her away!!! Thanks so much for that! This success has also given me the courage and confidence to play “HaRpy Birthday” at my friends 50th this coming Saturday – WOW!! I’m thrilled!”  Anne Horton

Instead of feeling put on the spot and embarrassed, you can instantly SHINE, authentically CONNECT and make it a moment  that everyone will remember (for all the best reasons!), and that they’ll love – no matter what your technical ability. 

My new “HaRpy Birthday” FREE TRAINING teaches you to play the famous birthday tune on your harp in the moment, with YOUR special flair – whether you’re a fledgling player or a professional – or anything in between. Sign up NOW!



Create a “HaRpy Birthday” video for someone (or something) you love, using my 3-part “HaRpy Birthday” blueprint formula at HaRpyBirthday.com and post it on YouTube. You can even post your HaRpy Birthday video for ME this month, since November is my Birthday Month!

It can be a ‘personalized’ Birthday video for a specific person/thing or a general Birthday video that you can use over and over to wish your friends and family Happy Birthday.

You can play it at any level of technical ability and any kind of harp – you can sing or just play, you can dance, you can dress up – heck, you could even do it with an air-harp – as an interpretive dance, even  – so long as you watch the training and follow the basic arrangement pattern I lay out in the training.

It only needs to be 30-90 seconds long.  You can create it as a musical birthday greeting for anyone – or  anything – you love – living or dead, fictional or factual, human or alien, imaginary or real – animal, vegetable or mineral – and create it in your own unique way based on my HaRpy Birthday training!


Once you MAKE your video then you’ll share it! Here’s how to share it so I can find it:

  • FACEBOOK: Perform on Facebook Live or upload a pre-recorded video. Do these 3 things:
    1. TAG my Facebook Page [facebook.com/HipHarp] AND
    2. Include the LINK to the “HaRpy Birthday” freebie page  [http://www.HarpyBirthday.com] in the post description AND
    3. Use the HASHTAG #haRpybirthday in the description so we can find your video.
  • INSTAGRAM: Perform on an Instagram Story video or upload a pre-recorded video. You must do 3 things:
    1. TAG my Instagram bio @hipharp [instagram.com/hipharpist]
    2. Link to the “Harpy Birthday” freebie page here [http://www.HaRpyBirthday.com] in the comments
    3. Use the hashtag #harpybirthday so I can find your video
  • YOUTUBE: Upload a pre-recorded video. You must do 3 things:
    1. TAG my YouTube channel[http://www.youtube.com/hipharpist] using the TAG hipharp
    2. Link to the “Harpy Birthday” freebie page here [http://www.HarpyBirthday.com] in the video description
    3. Use “HaRpy Birthday” in the video title so I can find your video.

I look forward to seeing what you created!

HaRpy Birthday Success Story #2:

“I just wanted you to know how helpful that short video was – and the timing was perfect:  I watched your happy birthday video about a week ago. On Thursday one of my hospice clients was having her 84th birthday. The family was with her because she was near death, and the chaplain asked if I could play Happy Birthday on my harp to accompany the family singing. Well by golly I could! I remembered the order of the chords and the intro …  I was so glad I was prepared. Thank you!!”  Lynn Turner

If you don’t play the harp but you really want to make a ‘HaRpy Birthday’ video?  Make your own harp out of rubber bands – or play air harp – and as long as you follow the formula I show you in “HaRpy Birthday” and you have FUN with your video, you’re IN! Heck, you might even create your own category!

Make this a birthday I’ll never forget!

Whether you post your HaRpy Birthday video for me or someone else, I can’t wait to see your video!

And you won’t forget it either!  Because when you learn how to play “HaRpy Birthday” with the DHC Method you’ll never forget it – and you can reINVENT it for every different situation – whether it’s a raucous birthday or a quiet and gentle one.

Now go forth and be HaRpy!


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