GRAMMY®-Nominated Recording Artist,
 Electric Harpist & Vocalist


Fri. Mar. 2
 at 8 PM at TinPan!
8982 Quioccasin Road
Richmond, VA, 23229

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Box Office:
TIX: In Advance $20 / At the Door $25

What Does the AUDIENCE say?

Want to know more about DHC, her instrument, or her shows? Watch these VIDEOS!

Juanitos: 1-Handed Bossa (2-Min Technique):
Inside Brubecker (2-Min Technique):
Electric Harp & Looper Stories – Dogs of Somerville (2-Min Technique):
The Forearm Strum (2-Min Technique):
Guitar to Harp translation (Short Technique Video):

Ukulele players — watch this!!

What can you expect from a DHC show?

She strides on stage like a rock-star, with a powerful chrome-silver triangle, strung with 32 multicolor strings, an instrument invented specifically for her by the CAMAC company, in France.

She’s the harpist your parents never warned you about — the world’s premiere electric harpist. She plays music from Blues to Flamenco, she sings and she talks to the audience. She “dresses like a showgirl, plays the pants off the harp and tells tall tales with the ease of a stand-up comic. Imagine a talkative Harpo Marx in a mini-skirt and you begin to get the picture” (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

“Dazzling harp playing, gorgeous jazz/pop singing, comic timing and impressive songwriting…” Austin-American Statesman

“It’s her dazzling range and depth of technique, combined with a warmly engaging energetic stage manner, that ultimately makes this such a memorable show …” (SW Metro – Edinburgh, Scotland)

“Virtuoso out-of-the box harpist…known as the rockin’ bad girl of the harp world. She took the ancient instrument off its pedestal, cocked it on her hip, and made it play everything…” -NPR: On Point

About the Artist

DEBORAH HENSON-CONANT (“DHC”) is a GRAMMY®-Nominated composer, performer, singer, songwriter, entertainer, humorist and the world’s foremost electric harpist.

Guitar Legend Steve Vai calls her “The Jimi Hendrix of the Harp,” NPR’s Scott Simon compared her to a “lovechild of André Previn and Lucille Ball.”

She sings and plays electric harp internatinally. She composes and solos with symphonies. She performs one-woman shows and solo concerts.

She debuted with the Boston Pops, opened for Ray Charles at Tanglewood, had her own music special on PBS, jammed onstage with Bobby McFerrin & Mason Williams, offstage with Steven Tyler.

She’s been featured on TV including CBS “Sunday Morning,” NBC‘s “Today Show” and NPR‘s “Weekend Edition.” For the past 20 years she’s collaborated with CAMAC Harps in France to develop the cutting-edge electric harp that’s named after her, the “DHC” – a carbon-fibre electric harp she wears as she plays it.

A Quick Message from the Artist in her Studio

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My friend Deborah Henson-Conant – an electric harpist! – has a show this weekend in Richmond, VA. If there’s any way you can get there, don’t miss it!

I’m going to see one of my favorite performers this weekend at TinPan in Richmond, VA!  Meet me there?

There’s a show I’d LOVE to go to and I can’t! If you’re near Richmond, VA, don’t miss it! And if you’re up for it, take pictures and send some to me afterwards?

Brief Artist Bio

See her once and you’ll never look at a harp the same way again.


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