I had the opportunity to play at a new artist-inspired BUS STOP LAST week, when my town celebrated our new Bus Shelter Art Installations.

I knew I was going to have fun … but I didn’t realize HOW much fun. I also didn’t realize how meaningful it would be to my understanding of the creative process — and why my own teaching and coaching at Hip Harp Academy has such a powerful affect on the members.

And that was all because  Pedi-cab driver, Jay, stopped by with his passengers — and joined me in a spontaneous duet that would show me just how powerful – and immediate – creative direction can be.  Take a look at the video first – and then I’ll tell you what hit me so hard about this.

My favorite moment of this whole duet is the moment — 22 seconds into the video – when Jay turns to his passengers and says “Oh, I couldn’t do that,” then turns around … and simply does it.

What’s so MEANINGFUL about this moment?

This is an example of why coaching is so powerful.

We’ve ALL experienced that: we see someone else do something – or we imagine something we want to do –  and we think “I could never do that.” 

And usually it stops right there … and we never can.

But what’s different in this clip is that he looked back at me.   And I knew he could do it.  I simply pointed to him with complete belief … and he did it.

In this tiny moment, his self-doubt lifted for a split second and – BOOM – he just did it.

This is the power of coaching, the power of someone who knows you can – who’s been there, who’s done it — and is going to point to you in total belief that you can.

This is why I have a year-long Academy where I coach over a hundred harp players from around the world.  This is why I have mentorship program where I work one-on-one a small group of elite musicians, supporting their creative work to develop new shows, recordings, careers, symphony programs. And this is why I work with my own coaches and mentors.

This is the power of someone else believing in you completely

That’s  why I LOVE this clip.  That’s why every time I watch that moment, I get chills – because that’s what happens when we think we can’t  – and we look someone in the eyes who knows we can … and suddenly we’re doing it.

If you play the harp, join me with over a hundred other harpists around the world in the Hip Harp Academy membership program — or apply for the 2019 Harness Your Muse mentorship program – because, whatever you dream of doing … yes, you can do it. And sometimes you need someone to show you the way and then say, “Do it.”


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