World Voice Day is April 16th.

I originally wrote this show for the one-woman musical “What the Hell are you Doing in the Waiting Room for Heaven??” but now I sing it in concert and with harp ensembles as a spontaneous choral piece.

In the musical, a little girl has just asked her father what happens if she meditates and her soul disconnects from her body – how will she find herself again?

If all her senses are in her body, and she loses them, so she can’t see, hear, smell or feel herself – how will she find herself back inside herself again?

At first, her father doesn’t know how to answer, and then he begins to tell her that she has a voice beyond hearing or speaking, a voice that simply “is” her – a voice that needs no sound, no shape, no movement – but that simply “is” her – and it will always lead her back to herself.

This is the song he sings to her…

The words are:

You have a voice that’s yours alone
This is the tie that binds you
Deep in the dark of evermore
That’s how your soul can find you

So raise your voice for in the end, it’s all you have to bring
This is the sound that turns lost into found, when you sing.

You have a voice that tells a tale.
Nobody else can tell it as well.
This is the sound, the song,
The story of you.

So raise your voice for no-one else can give the gift you bring
And this is the sound that turns lost in to found, when you sing.

This video is from a performance of “You Have a Voice” from the Somerset Harp Festival, where I’ll be teaching and performing again this year(

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