Please Join me for a Full Replay of my 2019 Mother’s Day concert streamed via Facebook Live from from my studio just outside Boston

I have long had a tradition of playing Mother’s Day shows. My mother had a huge influence on me as a musician – both as a performer and a coach. This year I celebrated both sides of her with a live performance from my studio that included both a concert and a look at how all this music comes together. Join me to watch the REPLAY of my 2019 Mother’s Day show streamed live from my studio in Boston.

Watch the whole show from your livingroom. Originally streamed live on Facebook – now fully recorded on YouTube including songs:

Nightingale • The Phoenix • Sous Chef (I’ll Be Your Sous Chef, Baby) • Juanitos • Man in the Moon • Quixota • Happy Song • Brubecker • Belinda

I can’t wait to see you!
Live from my Studio to Your Livingroom, Kitchen or … Wherever.
Via Facebook Live.

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