You probably have something you do every day when you engage with the world, open to unexpected encounters. For some people it’s going to a coffee shop, a walk to work, a subway ride …

For me – it’s running. I run nearly every day – and not because I’m a ‘good runner’ – in fact, I’m a deeply committed UNcompetitive runner. I long ago understood that, for me, running is about the experience, not the achievement – and ever since then, it’s become a richer and richer experience, and one I look forward to, every day.

It’s a very simple activity. And very powerful because it opens up endless opportunities for discovery, completely independent of how ‘good’ I am at or whether or not I ever get any ‘better’. Being ‘good at it’ (which I am not) is completely irrelevant to how much I get out of it and how much it allows me to connect with the world. Even on the days where I’m kinda embarrassed at what a perennially slow runner I am – it enriches my experience of life.

In some ways it’s the equivalent of what I shared in my “Play with Freedom” webinar for harpists: a very simple formula that let’s you start engaging (like, with running: put on shoes, shorts, shirt and go outside.) — and a lifetime of exploration, expression and fun that starts from there. So if you play the harp (or love to crash harp events) – sign up for this FREE Webinar REPLAY.

There’s something else about running: It allows me a focused opportunity to BE present, to be OPEN to where I am – and to be open to unexpected magic.

Even yesterday when I swore to myself I was taking a day off, by 8pm it was so beautiful outside I couldn’t sit still. PLUS … I knew I might see fireflies. Let me rephrase that: I knew I might see magic – the magic of a firefly’s light, in the trees beside a darkling path.

I would run miles just to experience that.

And I realized that that’s the kind of magic that live music brings experiential magic -the power of experiencing something live. So if you love to experience music live, visit my events page.



If you play the harp, watch the REPLAY of my FREE webinar called “Play with Freedom.” You’ll learn a simple, powerful 4-Chord creative formula that you’ll be able to put immediately into your playing whether you’re a fledgling player just learning to unfurl your wings – or a professional longing for liberation from the written notes. It’s simple. It’s powerful. And it will unlock an improv skill you’ll use for the rest of your life. I discovered this creative formula an adult beginner in my early 20’s — and I still use it today!


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If you play the harp ...
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