OK, OK, there were 2 seats unsold… Were you there? If not those two were for YOU!

I love performing at TCAN (The Center for Arts in Natick, MA), the theater that used to be a firehouse, and transporting the space, audience AND myself, to the land of stories & music! Here are some photos from my show there last Saturday (Feb. 1, 2020).

If you were at the show and took pictures or video, we’d love to see them! Post them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag me!

Since the show was close to home, I had a unique opportunity to share the night with many special friends, including special guest Ute Gfrerer, who joined me on stage for a set, and director Benny Sato Ambush – who helped Ute and I prepare for the show. 

I lOVE the two hands clapping right in front of me (can you see them) – whoever was taking the video in the lower left-hand corner, I’d love to get a copy of your videos and photos from the show. If anyone else who has photos or videos from the show, can you get in touch? The fastest way to bypass our email spam filters is to use the “Ask-A-Question” form – it gets right to the top of the email queue.

LIVE, on stage – by photographer Brian Douglas – CLICK HERE to see more of Brian’s photos from the show, including a very special photo he sent me the morning after the show – from 30 YEARS AGO!

Another LIVE action shot during the show – this time from my friend Lisa.

We also had a bang-up free Raffle with some killer prizes including this rare “Burnt Food Museum” tote bag (and yes, I AM the founder and curator of the Burnt Food Museum – and the GRAND prize of a PRIVATE SALON CONCERT in my studio (Wish you’d won that? You don’t have to win a raffle to do that? Learn about them here.

And here’s the gang  after the show!

And then there was this post from my friend Katie on Facebook:

“Went to see my darling friend Deborah Henson-Conant play the electric harp. I’ve never seen or experienced anything like it. I was sitting in my seat feeling as if I’d been whisked away into another dimension – a journey of the soul. She’s got some power. And my other friends were there. Which was cool. #soblessed.”

Here’s one of the photos she shared, go to my Facebook Page to see the others!

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