Recently I admitted something to my students in Hip Harp Academy:  that I’ve never really liked the tune Silent Night, but that you could learn to love a song by really exploring it, and I started bragging that if I wanted to, I could make a different version of Silent Night every day.

So they challenged me to do just that – and to play it every day for 15 days. So I’m recording one video each day, exploring different styles and genres with this one tune.  And you know what? I AM falling in love with it.

One Project, TWO Playlists

To make sure everyone gets to see the videos, there are TWO ways to see them:

1. The original videos are being recorded on Facebook LIVE each night. And as I make them, I’m adding them to THIS Facebook PLAYLIST. The best part about watching them on Facebook is also being able to see the realtime comments by viewers.

2. I’m also adding them to THIS YouTube PLAYLIST after I make them, so that people don’t use Facebook can still see, like & share them as well as comment!

I can see through your music a complete new colorful richness of life. The song ” Silent Night- Stille Nacht” has never been so thrilling to me, but now it is exciting to watch you giving it life and color. ~ Doris Daubertshäuser

Thanks for the mention Folk Harp Journal! The magazine included this project in their “Top 10 [YouTube] Videos of the Quarter” list.


This was so dreamy. Loved it. ~ Lindsey Huchrak

Here’s a sneak peek at #1 of 15 Silent Nights. Pick your playlist above to see the rest!


You convinced me that playing the harp can be really fun! ~  Victoria Johnson


So relaxing…I could listen all night. ~ Melinda Ostrander-Aviles


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