The Hip Harp Academy students and I went on a Zoom Field Trip to the Celia Slattery Voice & Performance Studio January 6th 2021.  Celia teaches voice at Berklee School of Music as well as in her private studio and focuses on vocal technique and contemporary styles of music. She was the PERFECT field trip for us!

“A strong vocals 101 lesson with great warmups and education about where the voice comes from. Even with COPD, I could still sing and enjoy it. It was great to have a lesson. Also, it was wonderful to be together and listening to the folks who participated in the coaching; made it a master class.” ~ Liz M. (Hip Harp Academy student)

Celia Slattery is a singer and voice teacher specializing in voice technique for contemporary styles. We took a virtual field trip to her studio in Somerville, MA where we had a 90-minute vocal workshop.

In the workshop we learned about vocal function (how the voice actually works), how to improve our breath support, and we practiced vocalises – singing exercises specifically targeted to build strength, expand range and smooth out breaks. In the image below you can see us using straws as props – draping the tongue over the straw gives it a bit of a stretch so the tongue can learn to relax and lift a little in the back. This is particularly important as we navigate the passaggio (transition) between chest and head registers.


Celia’s approach with combining the head and chest voice to foster a broader vocal range for modern music is just what every singer needs. She made the lesson fun with props and exercises such as the straw to relax the tongue and cork to stabilize the jaw and stoke vocal resonance. I admire her professional knowledge, her caring manner and her generous offer for a complimentary consultation for HHAcademy students. ~ Chari M. (Hip Harp Academy Student)


She also coached individual singers in how to apply the technique to their repertoire.

Celia teaches online private voice lessons via Zoom. Find out more about her studio at, watch student showcase performances, and sign up for an introductory lesson.


For virtual events, speaking, residencies, or performances:


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