I just made my first Instagram Reel last night. Two days ago I had no idea what an Instagram “Reel” was. Then I took a class.

The thing that most excited me was when the coach started talking about “remixes” and explained that a remix was when someone took a post you put up and then did their own version along side of you … “You mean, like improvising together?” I asked.  “Like a duet” the coach said. “On TikTok. But just 30 seconds long.”

“It’s built in,” she said. “They open up your post, they click on these three dots and then they can record their part right next to you.

Turns out, if I’d ever opened TikTok I would have already seen the “Duets” function.  That’ll be my extra credit.

So I made my first Instagram REEL: a little Bossa Nova accompaniment in C that people can REMIX by playing along with me and playing melodies over my accompaniment — and now I’m waiting for people to play along with me. They may have already done so – but I didn’t get to the part of the class where you can actually locate any remixes other people make.

You can play along on any instrument or really, anything in your house, or just sing … or dance.

It’s all about creating something together.

 If you’re like me, though, and you don’t already know how to make a remix – or how you’d play along with me, that’s what I want to tell you.

Two How-To Videos:

  1. A “How to play along with me on this particular remix of a little Bossa in C” – this is a little 5-minute video I recorded live on Facebook this morning showing you how to play along on any instrument in the key of C – or on you coffee cup, calculator, piece of paper, bottle, stapler, etc
  2. A “How to Make a Remix on an Instagram Reel” — from YouTube

Then I hope you will play along with me! 

To get to my Instagram Account, go to me – HipHarpist – on Instagram.

Video #1: How to Play along on this groove

Video #2: How to do a Remix on Instagram

And then NEXT week, after my next Instagram lesson, I’ll learn how to FIND the remixes you make.


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