What would you do, if you had the skills, tools and confidence to improvise freely, to express yourself without having to read the notes the notes on a page of music – or constantly google how to use some app or device?

What if you could simply Express Yourself freely with the tools you have?

What would that freedom feel like? And what would you do with that freedom? Whose life would you most want to touch? Whose troubles would you lighten? What minds and hearts would you want to inspire?

What would you bring – of YOU – into the world with that musical freedom?

What would you bring out of yourself? What music would flow?

When music is freely played from the heart, it opens a window to a light that touches people, softens their worries, soothes their pain and inspires them. It gives them permission to feel, it accompanies their life journey.


That’s what YOU can do. 

It’s not how ‘good a player’ you are or how many notes you can play that opens that window – it’s how much of you you let out through that window. If you’re stuck to the notes on the page, or stuck to the same old patterns, then the freedom and joy and inspiration is stuck as well.

But I don’t have to tell you that – you’ve experienced being stuck. Just like I have.

That’s why I combine improv, arrangement and performance skills in Hip Harp Academy – so harpists – of every technical level –  can open that window wider and wider – and let the light of your unique creative expression shine through.

I’m writing about this right now because – for the first time since it opened in 2016 – the price of Hip Harp Academy is about to go up . I want to make sure you know about the deadline, because if you’ve wondered if the Academy is right for you – this is the time to jump in and experience it.

What is Hip Harp Academy?

Classes ~ Coaching ~ Community

The Academy combines dozens of CLASSES you can take self-paced or as part of the Guided Curriculum – with COACHING from an Award-Winning international harp innovator and role-model to give you direction and support- and a powerful, inspiring, supportive COMMUNITY of harpists around the world – so you never have to do it alone.

Hip Harp Academy is a year-long membership program that combines CLASSES, COACHING & COMMUNITY:

There are over two dozen classes in improv, arrangement and performance in the Academy Learning Vault, LIVE weekly Masterclasses, and an inspiring and supportive community of harpists from around the world. You can learn at your own pace – or join the “guided curriculum” and learn in community with other members, with weekly challenges and feedback sessions.

Members range from fledgling players to professionals – and play in diverse musical styles: folk, Celtic, classical, jazz, Blues, therapy and meditation – lever harpers and pedal harpists both.

The goal of every member is to liberate ourselves from the notes on the page, break through our perfectionism and freely express ourSELVES with our harps and once you’re a member you have a whole year of access to the powerful, inspiring combination of CLASSES, COACHING and COMMUNITY – where the motto is …




For virtual events, speaking, residencies, or performances:


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