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New York City •  Nov 30!

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I kind of came out of the womb singing musicals

I wrote my first musical when I was 12.   I wrote my second one when I was 13, or 14. 

And when I was 19 … 

… I was living on Tomales Bay – a long, slender inlet on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean in Marin County, north of San Francisco.

I was sitting at the piano one day and this ‘big question’ suddenly showed up in my mind. And it was:

What is my life going be like? Is it going to be a life of security? Or is it going to be a life of freedom?

And in that moment, it’s almost like I heard a kind of “character” singing.  In fact, there were two of them. One was basically the life of security – inside a golden cage. The other was the life of freedom – on the outside of the cage.

They were in the middle of a fight.  The ‘inside’ one started singing:

 Here I am in my golden cage.

So secure, and so pure.

There you are on the outside looking in. 

Here I am in my suit of mail, so secure and so pure.

There you are on the outside looking in. 

There on the outside, where I’d stand, all that glitters in my hand. 

Then the other character started singing back. 

Here I am at your palace gate in a state of despair.

There you are on the inside looking out.

What a fate. What a tragedy!

How ungodly unfair! How I’d give my life

To be there on the inside looking out.

They kept singing to each other from each side of the bars. And I named them.  I named one “A” and the other “B”

As they started singing more and more to each other, I changed the names – the first one Alpha and the second one Beta. Then I finally named one Alphea and the other Boris.


And that is how ALPHEA and BORIS were born.

That’s just one of the stories I shared at the first “How I Built ‘THE GOLDEN CAGE’ Back-Stage Back-Story SALON.

Now you can see Boris and Alphea LIVE ONSTAGE as actors Christopher Isolano and Maddie Allen bring them to life  starting April 20, 2022 in NYC when “The Golden Cage” takes the leap from page to stage in the first-ever CreateTheater New Works Fest. Learn more about the show, get tickets and donate to the project at Golden Cage Musical.

And join me NOW online for LIVE Virtual Backstage Salons as I share more back-stories and experiences from “The Golden Cage” with you.

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