A few days ago I promised a group of harpists that I’d share what’s inside the Academy. They enjoyed the details, so I thought I would share them with you! So here it goes! See if you can imagine these classes and events fueling your creative transformation…

It all breaks down to the three essentials for powerful learning:

Here are the Nuts-and-Bolts of the program:

Each of these parts is available once you join – but you only use the parts that work for you. It’s not possible to do everything.

The point is to use the parts of the Academy that work for YOU, and leave the rest – knowing you’ll get just what you need in the time you actually have, at the skill level you actually are right now – as you discover what works for YOU to find YOUR way to express yourSELF with your instrument. Here’s what’s inside:

1. GUIDED CLASSES: Each quarter, I guide 1 or 2 classes from the Learning Vault that highlight the improv skills we’re learning. This lets you focus on one skill at a time, get real-time feedback, and learn from the questions and shares of the others in the Academy.

They each include pre-recorded trainings you can access any time – plus the weekly Interactive Masterclasses I coach on Mondays where I share new improv secrets, answer your questions, and give feedback on the optional weekly homework or projects (this feedback one of everyone’s favorite parts, believe it or not).


  • WEEKLY ‘CHAT’: Every Monday I personally run TWO live interactive coaching sessions (affectionately called ‘chats’) at 11AM EST and 4:30 pm EST – so students in different time zones can attend without sleep loss! They’re all recorded so you can watch the replays whenever you want.
  • OFFICE HOURS happen every week or two. These are casual sessions where members bring a question for a piece of music for coaching.

3. THE LEARNING VAULT: In addition to the guided classes, there’s a learning vault of dozens of other classes – from small ‘tidbits’ and improv ‘snippets’ to full-length classes – and hundreds of replays – and it’s all yours to access 24/7 once you’re a member.

4. LEARNING INTENSIVES: Two or three times a year we hold an INTENSIVE, WEEKEND RETREAT or ‘IMMERSION’ CLASS like “Lead-Sheet Bootcamp” or “Hands-on Harmony.” These are a fun and effective way to spend focused time – from 4 hours to 3 days – on learning one specific skill that will support all areas of your harp playing – like music theory, left-hand patterns or how to play from lead sheets. These are great for members who can’t commit to the weekly Guided Classes and still love to learn Live.


  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: This is where Students share ideas and get input in between classes and live events.
  • SOCIAL SALONS with the HARP COMMUNITY: Members generally host a social salon after each Interactive Masterclasses. This is a time to socialize, talk about harps, ask questions from peers, and just connect.
  • SPECIAL MEMBER-RUN SESSIONS: Members run special sessions like the popular Book Club and the Hip Harp Academy Music Therapy goup – for specialize fun around harp-centric themes

Harpists who Dare!

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The summer quarter, has just begun and it’s all about the POWER OF PATTERN – where we’ll unlock the power of melodic patterns, Blues and Vamps to to free us from the notes on the page – whether we’re playing for bedside, in concert, with friends — or just for fun.


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