Join the Discovery Squad for 
A New Interactive Viewing Experience

Beyond the Cage!

Sun. Jun. 11, 2023 – 3:30 pm ET 

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 Join the Discovery Squad for “Beyond the Cage” as we test-launch a unique new interactive viewing experience that combines the joy of entertainment, the power of musical storytelling and the opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery!

At the center of the experience is a viewing of “The Golden Cage”, my new award-winning musical, adapted for film on But then we go BEYOND the cage into a journaling journey of self-discovery.

What to expect in this Interactive Experience?

  • We’ll meet together on zoom for a short behind-the-scenes introduction to “The Golden Cage” and then watch the film together thru Zoom, or you can use my discount code (GOLDEN25) for 25% off the rental or purchase of the film on for a higher-quality viewing experience.
  • You’ll get three prompts to consider while you’re watching the show
  • We’ll return to our Zoom room for open break-out room discussions to unlock the themes of the show and how they impact your own life.

Want to take the experience further?

Here’s where it gets even more fun. Join us for a week-long Journalling Journey – a week of personal growth and reflection, guided by the “Cage Unlocker” journal. Record your personal entries – prompted by entries from the characters own journals.

Then join us again on Saturday, June 17th for a group discussion as you share your personal insights with other journalers, and discover a deeper understanding of yourself and the nature of your own Golden Cage.

This test-launch of a brand-new screening experience is a unique opportunity to be in at the very beginning of a new adventure – one that combines art, entertainment and personal discovery – letting you step back from your busy life and explore your inner experience through a new fairytale of isolation and connection.

It’s a chance to connect with others who are on a journey out of the cage – and to gain new insights and perspectives through the themes and archetypes of this brand new fairytale musical, “The Golden Cage.”

I hope you will join me for this transformative adventure!

Want to watch The Golden Cage now? 

YOU can already see this new musical though our collaboration with “Streaming Musicals” – on demand, whenever you want – in a beautiful film of the ORIGINAL LIVE production that brings you right onto the stage. In fact, check it out now at – use my special code GOLDEN25 to get 25% off!

Play a bigger part and be closer to the show!

Donate now and get some amazing and cool perks that bring you closer to the show.

There are two ways to donate right now.

  1. The Crowdfunding Campaign:  It’s fun, you get perks!
  2. Reach out to us direct to underwrite any aspect of the film, production materials and the upcoming outreach campaign to theaters, opera companies and singer-actors for future live production – or if you want your donation to be tax deductible.

    THANK YOU to everyone who has and will donate!

The Golden Cage: A beautiful, inspiring story. A joyful entertainment. A vehicle for creative possibility and human connection.

The Golden Cage Musical

A beautiful, inspiring story, joyful entertainment.
A vehicle for creative possibility and human connection.

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