Welcome to a one-on-one interview with Grammy-nominated harpist Deborah Henson-Conant, the mastermind behind “Hip Harp Academy” – an online academy where harp enthusiasts come together to learn, inspire, and grow in their musical journey.

In this exclusive interview, Deborah opens up about her journey in creating the Hip Harp Academy, shedding light on its foundation, unique features, and her mission to support harpists of all levels.

Check out Deborah’s answers to the 8 questions below about Hip Harp Academy by watching the clips or reading the transcript of the interview.

Deborah’s Interview

Question 1: What Inspired You to Create the Academy

Deborah reveals that the inspiration behind creating the Hip Harp Academy was the desire to share and learn from others. She found that group learning situations were not only powerful and effective, but also provided the invaluable opportunity to observe and learn from fellow musicians. This experience of learning with others became her preferred way of gaining knowledge, leading her to envision and establish a community where harpists could share valuable skills and support one another. Thus, the Hip Harp Academy was born.

Question 2: Why Did You Create Hip Harp Academy The Way You Did?

Deborah explains that she created the Hip Harp Academy in a way that focuses on nurturing a supportive and collaborative environment. By embracing the power of collective learning, the Academy allows individuals with varying levels of experience to come together and enrich their musical journeys. Whether you are a beginner seeking solid foundations or an advanced musician looking to expand your repertoire, the Academy offers a range of courses, workshops, and personalized learning experiences to cater to the diverse needs of harp enthusiasts.

Question 3: What is a “Snippet”?

A key feature of the Hip Harp Academy is the “Snippet” – a short musical phrase that serves as a building block for learning. Deborah emphasizes that these “Snippets” act as fundamental tools and sources of inspiration for students. Each “Snippet” is thoughtfully crafted to not only enhance technical skills but also spark creativity and encourage students to explore and personalize their musical expressions.

Question 4: Who is Hip Harp Academy for?

Deborah passionately expresses that the Hip Harp Academy is designed for harpists of all levels and backgrounds. Whether you are a novice just beginning your harp journey or an experienced professional seeking to refine your skills, the Academy aims to provide a supportive space for every learner. With a shared commitment to growth and learning, the Hip Harp Academy welcomes individuals who are eager to connect with a vibrant community and embark on a transformative musical adventure.

Question 5: What Does a Typical Class Look Like in the Hip Harp Academy?

Deborah paints a vivid picture of a typical class in the Hip Harp Academy, highlighting its dynamic nature. Students can expect a blend of pre-recorded video lessons, live webinars, and virtual performances. These classes not only cover a wide range of harp techniques but also incorporate elements of improvisation, composition, and even stage presence. The holistic approach ensures that students receive a comprehensive guide that prepares them for real-world musical experiences.

Question 6: What Does Live Coaching with Deborah Henson-Conant Look Like?

Deborah enthusiastically describes the unique experience of live coaching sessions with her. In these sessions, students have the unique opportunity to receive personalized feedback, ask questions, and seek guidance directly from Deborah. These intimate interactions allow Deborah to provide invaluable insights, tailored advice, and encouragement based on each individual’s needs and aspirations.

Question 7: How Do You Help Students Overcome the Feeling of Being Stuck?

Deborah emphasizes that overcoming the feeling of being stuck is a common challenge among musicians. In the Hip Harp Academy, she employs various strategies and resources to empower students and help them break through creative blocks. These include personalized coaching, exploring different musical genres, encouraging experimentation and improvisation, and fostering connections among members. By creating a safe and nurturing environment, Deborah ensures that members find the inspiration and support they need to move beyond any obstacles they may encounter.

Question 8: What Motivates You to Keep Inspiring Others?

Deborah reflects on her deep-rooted passion for igniting the spark of creativity and inspiring others. She finds great fulfillment in witnessing the Academy members grow, evolve, and find their unique voices through the harp. This motivation comes from a place of genuine love for music and a profound appreciation for the transformative power it holds. With every member’s success, Deborah’s commitment to fostering a thriving community of harpists becomes even stronger, continuously fueling her desire to inspire and support others on their musical journeys.

In this inspiring interview, Deborah Henson-Conant shares the heartfelt inspiration behind the creation of the Hip Harp Academy. By offering a community-driven and inclusive platform for harpists at every stage, the Hip Harp Academy continues to pave the way for musical growth, self-expression, and meaningful connections.

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