Being part of three different festivals was a blast! I conducted harp workshops, performed with talented harpists, led the biggest harp orchestra, and even sat as a jury in the World Harp Competition semi-finals. From the Netherlands to Belgium to Wales — it was definitely an adventure I would never forget. But what if I tell you that during those three weeks, I was also in a secret rendezvous in France?

And I’d like to tell you about that! What I was doing in between concerts and workshops in Paris, France?

I took a selfie with the MIDI harp in the background on my first day in Paris, France.

With the CAMAC MIDI-Harp …

After the Dutch Harp Festival on April 20, I went directly to Paris – sequestered with the one-and-only CAMAC Midi-Harp. Why? I worked on new harp arrangements in a Private MIDI-Harp Composing Retreat! The retreat was more than a week long. But it is kind of broken into two.

See this timeline for reference. (The dates of my composing retreat here in Paris are in red.)

The pieces that I planned to work on in this retreat include solo harp arrangements of:

  • My Mother’s Mexican Hat
  • Siana’s Dream: The Music Box
  • Brubecker
  • Modulation Staircase
  • You Have a Voice
  • Sous Chef

I’ve just arrived in Paris, and they’re working to fix the Midi harp so I can use it for my publishing project. On the right is the harp builder, Jakez François, and on the left is the midi technician. On the floor is the interface that makes the midi harp work. It’s fantastic to collab with such professionals!

Had I gotten them all arranged in these few days? Stay tuned for the announcements of new arrangements from this retreat.​ Now that the composing retreat is finished, my next destination is Cardiff, Wales to join the Cardiff Camac Harp Weekend celebration.

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