I was standing in my studio a couple years ago with my then-media-maven, Jeila, telling her about the new online course I was creating, “Hip Harp Toolkit” – and she asked, “Where did you learn to arrange for harp and what made you decide to give an online course to teach other harp players to do it?

I started to tell her the story … which all began with a handsome waiter at my first-ever harp gig, when she said — “Stop!  Where’s your phone? I’m going to videotape this.”  So here’s the story ….

Now Hip Harp Toolkit is one of my most popular classes,  it’s 5th year and thousands of harpists all over the world use the system. They’ve used what they learned to create shows for concert halls and nursing homes, to develop albums,  play for grandchildren,  spice up their current repertoire, create a whole new repertoire, create stories with music and simply have the FUN of being able to sit down with a melody and create music out of it .

Join us for the NEXT Class in Hip Harp Academy:
Hip Harp Toolkit. 

Hip Harp Toolkit is the10-week online program that gives you the simple, expandable arrangement BLUEPRINT — and then a whole creative toolkit of skills to use with it, plus video trainings, personalized feedback and the support of a coach and an impassioned community to help you truly put it into play.

What harpists learn in “Hip Harp Toolkit”completely shifts the creative experience from painstakingly learning or arranging a new piece – to simply taking any simple melody and spinning it into an arrangement on the spot – different every time but based on a reliable creative blueprint you can use over and over for any tune.

This way of playing music is revolutionary for most harp players — but it actually has a long and powerful history!  To create the Hip Harp Toolkit blueprint I looked for the similarities between the spontaneous arrangement style used by Bach and Mozart – AND the system jazz musicians today. What I created is a simple, distilled blueprint that can be used with any style of music – and then a toolkit of skills you can apply to it.

During the 10 weeks of the class that’s exactly what we do: learn to use that Blueprint in creative ways that let you escape from the notes on the page, simply sit down and play and create a living, breathing, FUN repertoire every time you do.

You can sign up for Hip Harp Toolkit any time, but once a year I guide my entire Academy –  harpists from around the world at all levels of ability from fledgling to professional – in learning to use the Blueprint and in creating their own arrangements on the spot – and while you can take the toolkit any time, during that guided program is always the best time to take it.


For virtual events, speaking, residencies, or performances:


This is an encore post I’ve updated and reposted because I really like it!  I originally shared it Sept. 25, 2013.

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