People ask me …. How does “Hip Harp Toolkit” work? Is it Skype lessons? A class? What IS it???

They’re talking about the 10-week online course I created just for harp players – that shows how to create your own impromptu arrangements at your OWN level of technical ability.  And it’s at the heart of my yearlong “Hip Harp Academy” program for harp players.

But hey … I’ll just TELL you …

Join us for the NEXT Class in Hip Harp Academy:
Hip Harp Toolkit. 

Let’s take a look Under the HOOD!

In this short video excerpt from a webinar I show you what the Academy looks like on the inside.

Let’s look at the classroom …

See all those little dots in the black bar near the top of that page above?  Those are all the separate pages of the module, so that each module is chunked into bite-size pieces to make the learning easier.

Most modules also include musical tips, tricks & exercises that look something like this …

They’re all downloadable via PDF so you can print them out and practice them.  Though you can also take the class without reading music and simply learn from the videos instead of the written materials

Here’s what the weekly LIVE chat looks like …

Most of the classroom training is in videos that you can watch when it works for YOU to learn … but once a week, during guided sessions, I hold a LIVE Q&A chat where I answer your questions. 

This is what the chats look like.  Sometimes I use my lever harp – sometimes my pedal harp.



What Do Students Say About the Experience?

Students take part in “Hip Harp Toolkit” from all over the world.  All you need is a computer or an iPad – and a harp – any harp, from a concert grand to the tiniest harpsicle. Because the course is built on basic concepts  it works for all levels of harp-players – from fledgling to professional – and teaches you to create your own arrangements at your own level of playing.  Here’s what they say:

“I play almost daily at the hospital or hospice, and put all of this into practice immediately, so it really sinks in.” Betsy Scott Chapman (USA)

“You are making it much more interesting for me now to play my regular job of three – four sets 🙂 thank you!” Lidia Stankulova (Dubai)

“This has become the starting point I wish I had had when I first started learning the harp, and at the same time, I know that as I grow as a harpist and musician, these same concepts will continue to be central to everything I do.” Blythe Tait (Australia)

I was worried that I may not be a good enough musician to benefit from the course, worried that my harp technique would be too basic, worried that the course may not cover what I really wanted to know about arranging for the harp.

I needn’t have worried. This course was quite simply the best harping experience I have ever had.” Kevin Roddy (Hawaii, USA)

Join us for the NEXT Class in Hip Harp Academy:
Hip Harp Toolkit. 

Wanna know more?

  1.  Learn more at
  2. Ask a question about the course using my Ask-A-Question Form
  3. The course is available to take ‘at your own pace’ all year when you enroll at Hip Harp Academy!


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This is an encore post I’ve updated and reposted because I really like it!  I originally shared it Jan. 4, 2014

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