“If music be the food of love … then what’s that smell?”

Love Gone Bad

by Deborah Henson-Conant (words & music / voice & harp)


Love Gone Bad Download
I go hot and cold with Valentine’s Day. I once sent an anti-Valentine to my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, which I claimed was a joke.

They didn’t think it was funny.

I spent a lot of time on that Valentine, too – burning the edges of their portraits, etc. etc.  You know the kind of thing.  I try to make the best of a bad breakup.

So in the spirit of love gone bad, I want to share a song “Love Gone Bad”   from my next album (I start recording the album tomorrow*!).

Download it for free (it also gives you the offer to donate … but really, you won’t make me feel bad if you download it for free – if you love it, you can always go back, download it again and pay)


Share it on Valentine’s Day.  You already know exactly who you want to send it to, don’t you?

And if things are going great with your Valentine…

Then send this romantic Valentines this 4-song Mini-play of classic jazz love songs on solo harp (recorded by my evil twin, “nice-jazz-standard-pretty-playing-Deborah”)You can even send it as a gift.  Just follow the payment system and just before you get to the credit card part  it’ll give you the chance to click “Send as a Gift.”

And have a GREAT Valentine’s Day ….

…. or not.


* if you’re wondering “Is this the same “new album” she’s been working on since 2012 …” I’ll give you one guess. And it rhymes with the last word in my previous sentence.  And when I say “I start recording tomorrow” I mean “… again”


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