“The Nightingale” is one of my most-requested songs – one of those songs that comes out whole, that just seems like a simple statement of truth.

I wrote it in memory of my mother’s voice – and since I published it years ago, harpists all over the world now play it, and thanks to Google Alerts, my inbox drops links to performances once or twice a week – little gifts I enjoy as I watch performances, from beginners in their bedrooms to students in dorm rooms, to professionals on television shows.

I’ve seen it performed on a Tedx stage, in ensemble, with harp and cello, with handbells.  On tiny toy harps, and on concert grand instruments, and I’ve collected a few of those videos below.

The Original Recording

This was my original recording of this piece. If you listen at about 2:00 minutes in, you can hear an echo of my mother’s voice. I wanted to create my own experience for the listener, although I had to use my own voice for this section that is basically what she called “vocalese” – a kind of humming without words, that was one of my most emotional memories of her voice.

 Behind-the-Scenes Video

This is a short “Behind the Scenes” clip about “The Nightingale” produced by Rick DiGregorio from my DVD project “Invention & Alchemy.”



Sheet Music for Harp Players (Lever & Pedal)

A few years back, I published an arrangement of “The Nightingale” and now it’s my most highly covered song on YouTube (and I love seeing other people’s YouTube performances of it!).

One thing I’m proud of about this downloadable arrangement of the piece is that it includes THREE  versions of the piece for instrumental players (for beginner to intermediate) and TWO ADDITIONAL  versions for singer and harp.

That lets players choose the arrangement that’s best for them – or play them all – or start with the simplest and then work up to the concert version. The download comes with all 7 versions. And then YOU can upload your performance to YouTube, too, like the videos you’ll see at the end of this post.


Chamber Ensemble & The Nightingale

I often perform “The Nightingale” Solo or with full symphony, but here’s a version with chamber ensemble


YouTube Performances of “The Nightingale”

Here are some of the many covers of this song on YouTube:

If you play “The Nightingale,” I encourage you to record it and post your video on YouTube.  List me as composer in the title and I’ll get an alert – and I’ll thoroughly enjoy your performance.  That I know!


Harp & Deer… Olga Pasuk, Harp

Harp & Cello Duet. Talia Cheung, Harp. Lewis Tang, Cello.

Christy-Lyn sings and plays “The Nightingale”

Here’s a version on a Latvian instrument called the Kokle, which has a sound similar to the harp.

Voor Deborah!!!! By Mariefleur in the Netherlands. Love this!

Harp Plus, University of Nevada, Reno. UNR harp ensemble: Tara Arnold, Sushi Aquino, Brittany Iverson, with guest artist alto MaryAnne Stashevsky-Ashley.

With harp and PAN-FLUTE – the sound is gorgeous with Sebastian Pachel (Panflöte) and Jana Maria Pachel (Harfe)

Athy ElectricHarper, from Argentina, Buenos Aires performing at the MAGIACELTICA Festival in Italy 2011

This video is from a Romanian television show featuring a Harp-Cello duo (Mladen Spasinovici, cello & Roxana Moisanu, harp)

Here it is performed by Sachiko Komiya.

On harp & clarinet …

On Celtic Harp… Do you know her name so we can add it?

With harp & Bass with Anne Kox-Schindelin and Stefan Hergenröder

Do you know her name so we can add it here?

This is an archive post ~ originally published April 24, 2013 and updated in 2019

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