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Embrace the Joy of Holidays at Hip Harp Academy!

The festive season is here, bringing the magic of Christmas and a much-awaited Holiday Sale at Hip Harp Academy! It’s a special time to celebrate the spirit of the season and offer you incredible opportunities to elevate your harp playing.

Why I Love the Holidays: A Celebration of Musical Journey

1. Try Out New Classes:

Hip Harp Academy boasts a treasure trove of classes in the membership learning vault. With the Holiday Sale, it’s your chance to sample one or two classes – like indulging in a delicious snack of new skills. Explore and discover the joy of learning something new.

2. Affordable Options:

If you’re working with a tight budget, the Hip Harp Academy Holiday Sale presents incredible discounts. Many of our most popular Academy classes are available for almost half their regular price. This is your golden opportunity to access top-notch harp education without breaking the bank.

3. Upgrade to Hip Harp Academy Full Membership:

Purchase classes on sale now and you can apply the full amount you pay to upgrade through Dec. 31st to the Academy’s year-long membership!

Highlighted Classes on Holiday Sale:

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the classes we’re offering:

1. Modulation Staircase:

Master the art of modulating every key on your harp. Learn patterns that can be applied to any key, opening up a world of musical possibilities.

2. Hands-on-Harmony:

Dive into the world of harmony and theory tailored specifically for harpists. With plenty of hands-on examples, you’ll practice and seamlessly integrate what you learn into your playing.

3. Sing & Play Harp:

Discover the magic of singing and playing – at the same time! From creating simple arrangements to leading sing-alongs, this class is your ticket to coordinating voice and harp with joy … and the power of DHC’s “3-Chord Magic” method.

4. One Song: The Nightingale:

Unleash your creativity with this unique approach to learning music. Deconstruct, simplify, master, and expand a single song, unlocking the key to playing any piece with mastery and personal expression.

5. Blueprints for Creativity:

A powerful collection of 7 powerful trainings that provide you with the tools to build repertoire quickly while boosting your creativity. Each blueprint is a formula for creating music using simple compositional forms.

6. Holiday Lead Sheet Bootcamp Retreat:

Just in time for the holiday season, learn how to sit down and play your favorite holiday tunes effortlessly. Delight your loved ones with festive melodies, and add a touch of musical magic to your celebrations.

Embark on a Musical Journey: Holiday Style

This Christmas, embrace the magic of learning, creativity, and community at Hip Harp Academy. Whether you’re a seasoned harpist or just starting your musical adventure, there’s a class waiting for you.

Each class offers an unlimited level of learning, and over the coming days, I’ll delve deeper into the details of each. Stay with us for a comprehensive exploration of these transformative classes!

Invest in your musical growth. Invest in your creative potential. This holiday season, let’s make music magic together!

Stay tuned and get ready to unlock the doors to your musical journey.

Harpists who Dare!

Deborah Henson-Conant & Hip Harp Academy Present



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