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Unlock the Magic of the ‘One Song: The Nightingale’ at 50% Off!

We all need an emotional get-away, a place to feel safe, to hear the voice of our own hearts.

We need a song we can play to escape, a song that helps us connect, a song to tell a story, to soothe an anxious heart, to share joy, to bridge the silence, to take us on a journey… and most importantly, a song to bring us back home again.

What is the ‘One Song: The Nightingale’?

One Song: The Nightingale is a new way of learning music: by literally taking this song apart, learning how it works, and putting it back together in a way that lets you choose the way you play itat YOUR technical ability.

I created this class in the first wave of the pandemic in multiple live sessions.  When you join now, you get to access ALL the versions of this class – every single sesssion – until we sit down and reduce it to a single version.  How cool is that? You get to see creativity in action and watch the development!

But it gets better: I also identified what I think is the best from each of the versions so you can focus in on those if you want a more consolidated experience.  Either way, you get section-by-section teaching in how to play this beautiful piece at your level of technical ability — and get insight into the composition and arrangement process as you learn.

Here’s How the ‘One Song’ Method Works

You learn the song in 4 phases – the way a composer creates it.

  • Symbolize: You’ll learn the structure, the map –  a way to see the entire piece in one view, the way a composer sees it
  • Simplify: You learn to play a distilled version – an ‘essence’ version –  created especially for this class by the composer
  • Master: By mastering the ‘essence version, you quickly experience the beauty of completing and playing the piece deeply  – rather than struggling to learn every single detail of a specific arrangement before you feel ‘good enough’ to play it
  • Expand: Once you’ve mastered the essence of the piece, you expand it – only as far as you want. For fledgling players, truly mastering the essence may be the peak experience. For others, you learn to unlock it in many ways. Why is that important? There are many reasons people play music. If you’re playing at bedside, you need to know how to expand it and add room for improvisation – and even interaction, if you’re playing at a wedding you may need to know how to accompany a singer, a flutist – or sing yourself; if you’re playing with others you need to know how to play it as a duet, trio, or harp ensemble.  Once you know the essence, you have the piece, and you can learn to expand it in infinite ways

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Harpists who Dare!

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