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Unlock the Magic of ‘Sing & Play Harp’ at 50% Off!

This Black Friday / Week of Thanks, we bring “Sing & Play Harp: 3-Chord Magic” to help you create a wonderful musical harmony with your harp, and it’s available at a 50% discount for a limited time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring your singing and harp-playing skills to a whole new level!

What is the ‘Sing & Play Harp — 3-Chord Magic’?

Imagine the joy of sitting down and effortlessly singing and playing your harp, any time you want, without sheet music, whether it’s just for your own enjoyment, with friends and family, or even to accompany other singers and musicians. With Sing & Play Harp, you can actually make this a reality. In this class you’ll learn how to:

1. Create Simple Arrangements:

Easily create a super-simple arrangement of any song requested by someone.

2. Expand Your Repertoire:

Learn a whole set of songs that you can sing and play on your harp.

3. Therapeutic Music:

Play and sing songs that are known and loved in therapeutic settings.

4. Children’s Sing-Alongs:

Create engaging sing-alongs for children, whether at home, in a library, or even at a children’s concert.

5. Coordinate Singing and Playing:

Feel completely coordinated as you merge singing and harp-playing seamlessly.

6. Songwriting Skills:

Develop a set of simple steps to understand the basics of how singing and playing work, empowering you to create your own songs.

What You Get?

When you choose ‘Sing & Play Harp’ you can expect to:

  • Sing and play a dozen songs with friends and family.
  • Play along with others in simple 3-chord songs for jams, church gatherings, or campfires.
  • Accompany singers or other instruments by reading simple chords.
  • Lead engaging children’s sing-alongs.
  • Perform beloved songs in therapeutic settings and share the joy of music with others.
  • Acquire the basic skills to create your songs.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity – Act Now!

This Black Friday Week of Thanks, you have the chance to be immersed in a great class that will improve your harp-playing skills. Take advantage of our 50% discount and get access to the ‘Sing & Play Harp’ harp course.

REMEMBER: Purchase ANY of our ‘Black Friday’ classes on sale now and you can apply the full amount you pay to UPGRADE – through Dec. 31st – to the Hip Harp Academy‘s year-long membership!

Harpists who Dare!

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