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Unlock the Magic of ‘Hands-on Harmony’ at 50% Off!

Are you a harpist looking to take your musical skills to the next level? We have a special treat for you this Black Friday / Week of Thanks! “Hands-on Harmony” is a complete harmony and theory training course designed for harpists like you. With a 50% discount on its regular price, there’s never been a better time to start your musical journey.

What is ‘Hands-on Harmony’?

“Hands-on Harmony” isn’t just any ordinary music theory course; it’s designed specifically for harpists, so you can take full advantage of the unique qualities of the harp. It’s all about learning by doing, with plenty of ‘hands-on’ examples to practice what you’re learning and truly get it ‘into your fingers.’

This self-paced training takes you from a single note to the ability to play progressions that modulate from key to key. You can also learn at your own speed, at your convenience, and from your preferred device. All course materials, including PDFs and audio files, are downloadable for permanent access.

The video lessons are play-along-style, allowing you to practice on your harp as you learn. The course is divided into bite-sized modules with exercises that get the learning right into your hands. It’s casual, fun, and comprehensive, covering everything from chord basics to advanced harmonic concepts.

What You Get

When you choose “Hands-on Harmony” you’ll get all of the following:

Single Note to Harmony

You’ll start from a single note and progress through the three phases of chord construction: Expansion, Alteration, and Substitution, all at your own pace.

Reading Chord Symbols

Learn how to read chord symbols and understand the different elements within them.

Expanding Chords

Discover how to expand chords, from single notes to triads, 7ths, 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths.

Altering Chords

Add a b9, #9, b5, or #5 to make chords richer and understand when to use these alterations.

Substituting Chords

Master the art of substituting one chord for another to ‘reharmonize’ a piece.


Understand how progressions work, identify them in your music, and use them for improvisation.


Learn how to modulate from one key to another using a “diversion” and a power progression.

Lead Sheets

Analyze lead sheets to find members of the same chord family, making lever or pedal adjustments easier.

    Don’t Miss the Opportunity – Act Now!

    This Black Friday Week of Thanks, you have the chance to get on a journey of harmony and start mastering it on your harp. Take advantage of our 50% discount and get access to the “Hands-on Harmony” harp course.

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    Harpists who Dare!

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