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Unlock the Magic of the ‘Modulation Staircase’ at 50% Off!

Are you ready to take your harp playing to the next level? This Black Friday / Week of Thanks, we have a generous offer for all harpists. The “Modulation Staircase” harp course is your key to learning about modulation, and it’s available at a 50% discount this Black Friday Week of Thanks Sale.

What is the ‘Modulation Staircase’?

“Modulation Staircase” is not just a course; it’s a powerful concept in harp training. With this course, you’ll gain:

1. Confidence to Modulate:

Say goodbye to the fear of moving from key to key. You’ll master modulation and know exactly which levers to change.

2. Overcome Lever Fear:

No more being scared of your levers. “Modulation Staircase” will empower you to tackle your levers with confidence.

3. Mastery of Key Signatures:

Say farewell to confusion when it comes to key signatures. You’ll become a key signature pro.

What You Get

When you choose “Modulation Staircase” you get 12 months of access to the Modulation Staircase Resource Hub which includes:

  • Training videos to guide you on your modulation journey.
  • The “Modulation Star Chart” – a special online tool that guides you through each step of the modulation journey.
  • Sheet music downloads to practice and play along.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity – Act Now!

This Black Friday Week of Thanks, you have the chance to get on a musical adventure like never before. Take advantage of our 50% discount and get access to the “Modulation Staircase” harp course.

REMEMBER: Purchase ANY of our ‘Black Friday’ classes on sale now and you can apply the full amount you pay to UPGRADE – through Dec. 31st – to the Hip Harp Academy‘s year-long membership!

Harpists who Dare!

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