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Unlock the Magic of ‘Blueprints for Creativity’ at 50% Off!

Unlock the Magic of ‘Blueprints for Creativity’ at 50% Off!

Are you ready to test your inner composer? The “Blueprints for Creativity” harp class is here to help you just in time for the holidays. And the best part? You can access it at a 50% discount for a limited time.

And we only have a few more days left before my “Week of Thanks” Celebration ends – which means all these discounts to the most impactful and fun classes go away…

What is ‘Blueprints for Creativity’?

A class that gives a foundation for all the others – “Blueprints for Creativity” is a set of seven creative music templates that give you just enough structure to set you free.

I originally created this class as an overview for Hip Harp Academy members to all the creative Blueprints we use throughout the year in the Academy. Then I realized how powerful it is on its own and what a “Academy Prep” program it is – because it gives you an intro to so many Academy Basics. PLUS, by the end of the class, you’ll be playing – and improvising on – 7 new pieces.

But that’s just the tip of the creative iceberg: each piece isn’t just a ‘piece’it’s a template or Blueprint for an infinite number of pieces that use the same Blueprint.

What You Get

This course offers you:

  1. Seven Immersion Trainings: Each training includes video instruction, blueprints, and playsheets, allowing you to learn at your own pace.
  2. Tailored Repertoire: The ability to create new repertoire at your exact skill level and improve your improvisation skills and creative expression as you play.
  3. Style Diversity: The flexibility to switch between meditative, therapeutic styles to concert or background-music styles.

You’ll master seven basic ‘Blueprints’ for repertoire development, creative expression, and improvisation:

  1. Rondo Form Blueprint: Using the Example of “Baroque Flamenco”
  2. Song Form Blueprint: Using the Example of “The Nightingale”
  3. 5-Part Arrangement Form Blueprint: To build complete arrangements from simple tunes
  4. Blues Blueprint: Featuring three different Blues Examples
  5. Vamp-Expander Blueprint: Using the Example of “Claire de Lune”
  6. Story-Form Blueprint: A 7-Section “Tell Your Story with Music” form
  7. Motiv Suite Blueprint: Using the example of the 5-Movement “Vision Music” Suite

Don’t Miss the Opportunity – Act Now!

This Black Friday Week of Thanks, you have the chance to get this powerhouse of a class. Take advantage of our 50% discount and get access to the “Blueprints for Creativity” harp class.

REMEMBER: Purchase ANY of our ‘Black Friday’ classes on sale now and you can apply the full amount you pay to UPGRADE – through Dec. 31st – to the Hip Harp Academy‘s year-long membership!

Harpists who Dare!

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