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Instant Holiday Repertoire for $200 OFF:
“Holiday Lead Sheet Bootcamp”

Holidays are upon us! Are you ready to get into the holiday spirit with our exciting Holiday Sale?

After the success of my Black Friday Week of Thanks Sale last week, I am thrilled to continue providing opportunities to enhance your creativity and musical expressions.

Holiday Lead Sheet Bootcamp – 40%

A dynamic online harp class designed to help you expand your holiday repertoire with ease Holiday Lead Sheet Bootcamp teaches you to learn how to utilize Lead Sheets for popular holiday tunes, breaking them down to simplify your playing process.

Get ready to effortlessly play dozens of tunes ranging from holiday classicsto classical melodies, tango rhythms, folk tunes, blues, and even a touch of jazz!

It’s MORE than a workshop!

It’s a creative support system and a series of play-dates so you can put it all in action! It includes:

  1. Immersive Online Harp Class with DHC tools including training, drills, and repertoire jams
  2. Techniques for breaking down a familiar song to performing it with your own creative spin
  3. Access to DOZENS of Holiday Lead Sheets to start your own improv play-book
  4. Build your personal learning library with the downloadable audio & PDF files you get to keep forever
  5. Power & Freedom – Once you learn how, you can apply the method to ANY simple lead sheet and create spontaneous arrangements on the spot – regardless of your skill level: Fledgling, Intermediate, and Advanced Players

The BEST part? 2 Live Virtual Play-alongs!

Get this class now and join us for TWO LIVE VIRTUAL Play-alongs on Sat. Dec. 9th at 11 AM and 3:30 PM ET – or watch the replays later at your own pace.

“Holiday Lead Sheet Bootcamp” builds your “Lead Sheet” Reading Chops for the entire year – just in time for the Holidays!

REMEMBER: Purchase ANY of our ‘Holiday’ classes on sale now and you can apply the full amount you pay to UPGRADE – through Dec. 31st – to the Hip Harp Academy‘s year-long membership!


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