My next Live performance is SAT. Feb. 1st in the BOSTON-Area, at The Center for Arts (TCAN) in Natick, MA (Info & Tix link HERE) ~ my current CLASS at Hip Harp Academy is “Strings of Passion” – a 10-Week program in Creative Expression. They’re both highly influenced by this ONE man …

Am I going to feel like an idiot? 

Everyone in this class must be an incredibly talented, experienced, professional musician right? There’s no way I’m good enough to do this…. 

If there’s one thing I’ve found in my years of teaching and playing music – it’s that everyone, even the most talented musicians, think that they aren’t good enough. 

Well, I want to introduce you to some of the people who have taken classes with me (in the Academy, and in Strings of Passion specifically) so you can see that everyone with a passion for harp music is “good enough” to be a part of this incredible group – and see just what the experience is like: 


Harpists Sally Walstrum and Margi Miller both started taking classes at the Academy more than 3 years ago. They each came to the harp in very different ways…



Sally started the harp as a young girl, went the conservatory route and became a trained classical player – then left the harp for decades – and has recently returned. In addition to a lifetime of harp skills she’s reigniting, Sally returned with a hunger for freedom. You can learn more about Sally here:

Margi’s journey was very different. She didn’t even start playing the harp until after retirement, and once she did, she immediately wanted to use her new skill as a facet of the service that’s been important all her life. Read more about Margi and her work with Alzheimers patients here: Blog – Margi Miller plucks new connection with Alzheimers Patients


For virtual events, speaking, residencies, or performances:


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