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Hundreds of harpists are going through my brand new FREE Improv Challenge, and you can totally still get in.  You don’t want to miss this!



What people are saying…

Sophie ~ “I loved going further in my attempts to play without sheet music and improvisation. Gets better and better since I joined the academy 😀

Here is why you might totally enjoy this 5-Day challenge – besides the fact that you get to learn with me FREE for 5 days:

A chord can’t really DO anything.

But when you put 2 or 3 of them together, and break each one into bass, accompaniment and melody – you have the foundation for freedom that’s called improvisation. This is the first step to improvising freely with lead-sheets, with jazz, folk music and even classical and meditation music.

In Day 1 we learned the Power Progression, how to trigger a whole cascade of sounds off of a simple sequence of notes that’s super-ease to remember because we made a silly little mnemonic to anchor it in our brains (don’t worry, you will get that lesson, too, as soon as you sign up.)

This challenge sets you up for freedom from the notes on the page. 

But really, don’t take my word for it…


Look what others are saying about day ONE!

Sally ~ I love that I don’t have to think in terms of theory. I can only do it as it relates to the harp, which is the only way I can manage. Love how DHC teaches it in a way I can grasp.

Kara ~Love it! I’ve been so happy and free using these vamps in my meditation classes. I feel able to be so much more embodied while playing when I don’t have to focus on the rhythm so much!”

Hyldi ~ “The catchphrase ‘Don’t Get Caught Anywhere, Don’t Get Caught’ was brilliant. Repeating that over and over along with that rhythm opens a side door into the memory for me.”

Dimitra ~ “You kind of gave me permission to keep my music simple. For example – use a vamp as a base of something. I also really enjoyed to see how you put the pieces for ‘Invention & Alchemy’ together to see the structure of them.”

Lies ~ “To start from where you are and what you like, that makes it unique and personal.”

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