Recently, Marie emailed me that she was interested in joining Hip Harp Academy but she wanted to know what actually happens – like, WHEN are the live class session, WHAT exactly do you learn, HOW MUCH TIME does it take and how does it all WORK?

So I shared something with her we don’t usually share outside the Academy – because I always think it’s just “too much information” – but it was exactly what she wanted and what she needed to understand the academy better. It’s our internal class description catalog – a Google Doc that describes each class, and outlines the skills, tools, schedule and even the student perspective of what you learn.

I also sent Marie the weekly schedule of how the Academy works: when we hold the LIVE sessions, how we use GUIDED CLASSES, OFFICE HOURS, INTENSIVES, a private Facebook group and SPECIAL EVENTS to create accountability, support and community.

She asked what classes are coming up NOW and I told her we have TWO fall 2020 classes and you can take either one (or both if you have plenty of time on your hands):

  • Hip Harp Toolkit: our powerful flagship arrangement and improv class just for harpists
  • Jazz for Harps: The foundations of Jazz – especially for harpists

I’m personally like Marie — I want to know how things work and how they’ll fit into my life. And yes, sure, I also want to know that I’ll be a stronger player, more confident, creative and able to release myself from dependence on the written music — but I also want to see the nuts and bolts of what that looks like in my schedule.

So Marie’s email convinced me to give YOU a link to the class overview. This isn’t a ‘marketing page.’ It won’t have beautiful pictures of happy students, and what they say about the Academy.

Nope, the link below takes you to the document WE use to make sure the actual class material conforms to what I created the class to teach.

Here’s an overview of what’s in that document

The Academy is a yearlong membership program for harpists led by award-winning coach Deborah Henson-Conant. The curriculum is made up of a series of guided classes, live masterclass-chats, intensives and additional self-paced courses and resources. It teaches harpists the skills and tools of improv, arrangement and creative self-expression in a supportive community with experienced guidance.

Each guided class is 5-6 weeks long, with 2-3 weeks in between classes, to integrate and apply what you learn, then get feedback, coaching and ask questions in the live chats. A “guided” class means that I lead students through the class as a group – with optional weekly assignments, a weekly masterclass-chat and and a focused project to help you apply what you learn.

Most importantly – you’re not alone. In addition to having a highly experienced coach – it’s the vibrant, encouraging community that makes the difference between just ‘getting information’ and truly learning. You’re not doing this alone. The current membership includes nearly 150 other supportive harpists around the world, all committed to expanding their lives, their skills and their creative freedom – like you are. READ MORE in the Hip Harp Academy Curriculum Overview & Class Descriptions.

I invite YOU to join this powerful, supportive, creative community.

I just want to make sure you know:

I’d love for you to join us and get the Fall Classes: Hip Harp Toolkit or Jazz for Harps – but after midnight Oct. 8th the doors are closed!

So, if you’re looking for more confidence, creativity support and gaining freedom from the notes on the page click the button above – I look forward to welcoming YOU into Hip Harp Academy for this Fall’s foundational classes: Hip Harp TOOLKIT or JAZZ for HARPS (or both – if you have lots of time on your hands!)

p.s: Wanna know what happened to Marie? After she read the curriculum overview and the schedule she joined the Academy and I’m thrilled to have her as a new student!

p.p.s: Got questions, like Marie did? Ask me HERE and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


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