Ever crash and burn? The mythical bird, the Phoenix, makes a habit of it — and, rising from her own ashes, she’s become the symbol of transformation.

In the last “Jung at Harp” video podcast, we explored the myth, the music and the meaning of “The Phoenix”  – and the role that annihilation and re-emergence can play in a creative life – and I played the newest version of my story from the harp: The Phoenix.

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I wrote my piece “The Phoenix” at a time when my life was falling apart. My band had broken up. My relationships had self-destructed. I had only one concert on the calendar.

I was facing what looked and felt like annihilation – and took it, building my next album on the only hope I had: that somehow I could rise out of my own ashes.

That concert relaunched my career, and the piece “The Phoenix” landed me on a network TV show which led to my first record contract. I’ve now recorded the piece twice and expanded it to play with symphony orchestra.

And I still play it as a solo piece today because its creative structure continues to open opportunities for emotional exploration through improvisation.

Music has the power to transform – not just the listener, but the player as well, and when you have the means of creative expression, crashing and burning is another opportunity for exploration. 

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