What’s in a Name?

  This is part of my ongoing “Wired for Love” blog project of love stories and songs. This is a blog from February 2011 about trying to find a name for my Valentine’s music project.  To buy the “Wired for Love” download collection of fun, funky, romantic... read more

The Taste of Romance

  There were two especially romantic dinners I had with Jonathan.  And both in places that subsequently disappeared.  As did the romance with Jonathan.  But the memories are still sweet. The first was in the gutted-out space that would eventually be his studio.... read more

My First Love Song

I wrote my first love song when I was 13 or 14. It wasn’t my first song – which was from my musical “When Nights were Bold, ” when I was 12.  But this song was different.  It was personal. I was in love with Freddie Stewart.  I followed him... read more

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