Last week I expanded my online harp time to meet with students and the worldwide community four times more often than in the past – to include two weekly FREE “Harp Time LIVE” virtual play-alongs and a new class that goes deep, deep, deep into a single song: One Song: The Nightingale

I love this new almost-daily connection with playing and teaching music on line – and what I love even more is seeing how the community is impacting each others’ creative expression. 

On Monday, harpist Margi Miller, in Florida, talked about how she was playing in her sunroom each evening around sunset, with the windows open around so neighbors could hear.

Inspired by that, Teddy Jones, in Tennessee, took his own harp outside on the porch to play right after the class, to serenade neighbors. His partner, David flipped open his phone and streamed it live on Facebook for a few minutes.

A few hours and a couple thousand views later — Teddy shared with the class that this one moment of inspiration in the weekly Academy chat connected him to thousands of people virtually – and brought each one of them a moment of serenity – a moment of nature and music – totally spontaneous, totally inspired by meeting with other harpists in a virtual world – and I’m so, so moved to have simply created the space for that to happen.

Just reading the comments on Teddy’s video is inspiring about the value of music: 

“I’ve played this over and over. It’s so calming!”

“Absolutely beautiful! My heart is at ease!”

“So beautiful with the birds in the background”

“It just calms my soul!”

Check out Teddy’s post, enjoy and leave your own comments.

If you play the harp, join me and this beautiful worldwide community of harpists at Hip Harp Academy, the new One Song: The Nightingale Class or “Harp Time LIVE”


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