Have you ever longed to express a romantic part of yourself, like the heroine in a book or a movie — but you just didn’t have what you needed? You didn’t have the skills, or the gear, or the time … or you just didn’t know where to start – or you were just too scared?

Well imagine …. imagine you could do it ANYWAY.


That’s why I created “Baroque Flamenco.”

I challenge you to a new way of thinking … and playing!


We can get caught in the idea that things have to be done a certain way. If you want the experience of being in a Flamenco troupe you have to learn to do everything a Flamenco troupe does: play the guitar, take dance lessons, organize and rehearse the troupe — and at the very least, buy shoes that make a lot of noise.

But what if you DON’T have to do all that?


What if you could go straight to the spirit of how it feels to be able to do all that already, and use what you DO have to create the experience of it – for yourself and others?

That’s what my life is about. That’s what I teach – and that’s what the new “Baroque Flamenco” CHALLENGE is all about.


Join the Challenge to see what I mean


If you play the harp, join the 5-Day “Baroque Flamenco” Challenge and learn exactly what I mean. In 5 days I’ll teach you the BONES of this piece, using a BLUEPRINT that lets you learn FAST – so you can cut straight to the experience of the piece – whether you want to experience being a Flamenco dancer, or simply experience being able to play freely without having to read the notes.



How will YOU play it?


“Baroque Flamenco” is now being recorded with symphony orchestras and winning contests for harpists internationallybut when you learn the ‘Bones” of the piece, it’s still very simple – almost like a game – a game of “Let’s Pretend” that you bring alive with music. It’s time for YOU to start playing it!

Because it’s so simple at its core, you can play it in many different ways: as a meditation, as a way to learn improvisation, as a piece to use with looper-pedal, as a concert piece, as an ensemble piece, as a way to improvise with others. Or just a way to have fun breaking free from the notes on the page.

By learning from the BLUEPRINT – as you will in the ‘5-Day Baroque Flamenco CHALLENGE’ – you’ll learn the distilled version of the piece, so it can expand in many creative ways based on your skills and your imagination.


I Challenged myself to create a 5-Day “Baroque Flamenco” training. Now I CHALLENGE you to LEARN it in 5 Days!


I made the 5-Day “Baroque Flamenco” CHALLENGE so any harp player – (and even intrepid non-harpists) – can learn to play the BONES of this piece from the Blueprint with my step-by-step training.



The Challenge starts April 25! REGISTER NOW to get the warmups and previews so you get the full impact of this experience of learning to play a piece in 5 days.


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