Got Questions about the Premieres & Streaming of

“Invention & Alchemy”?

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PREMIERE: July 10 at 7pm ET is the Streaming Premiere
ENCORE: July 11th at 2PM ET – 7pm LONDON time

STREAMING ON-DEMAND:July 12 – 31 – Streaming on-demand in the private screening room


Q & A

These are answers to the questions people have been sending us about the Premieres & Streaming. If your question isn’t answered here, first try refreshing your screen, then you can send us your question with the “Ask a Question” form – just know we may not be able to answer quickly during the Premiere Weekend.



Q. Once I RSVP, do I have access to ALL the events, even the On-Demand Streaming?

A. YES! The theater link gives you access to all of them


Q: How do I get in?

A: Once you RSVP you’ll get an email with two links. If you’ve already RSVP’d you should get an email with those links. If you’re concerned you may have missed the email, just RSVP again, and it’ll take you through the process to get the Streaming Theater link.

  1. One to get into the Streaming Theater
  2. One for the After-Party


Q: How long is the show?

A: It’s about an hour and 45 minutes long, including intermission. The After-Party will probably be about an hour long


Q. How can I donate?

A. Here’s the donate link from the symphony website:


Q. What if my country isn’t in the drop-down list when I try to donate? How can I donate?

A. Don’t worry – everyone’s donation is appreciated, no matter where you live or how much it is.  Just let us know with this “Ask a Question” form and we’ll make sure that you get to be part of keeping the music alive!


Q: What if I want to watch it again?

A: Your access link will get you into both premiers PLUS the on-demand streaming. If anything changes we’ll send you an email to let you know.


Q: How can I invite Friends?

A: Just send them to the RSVP page. You can do that two ways:

  1. Go to the RSVP page and use the sharing buttons to share it from there
  2. Cut & paste this link to send them:



Q: Is the “Cast-Party” different than the “After-Party”?

A: They’re the same thing – we just discovered we called them different things in different places.



Q: Can I buy CDs or DVDs?

A: CDs and DVDs are available as premiums for donations to the symphony and Deborah will be happy to sign yours.



Q: What If I want to PLAY some of the pieces on the program?

A: You can purchase the music to the following tunes at DHC’s Gumroad account:

  • The Nightingale (available for solo harp and harp, chamber ensemble & voice or solo instrument)
  • Baroque Flamenco (available for harp, harp ensemble, chamber ensemble and as a concerto)
  • Nataliana (available for solo harp)
  • Congratulations, You Made it this Far (piano/vocal_
  • Merceditas (available on request only for harp & chamber ensemble, or harp & orchestra)



For virtual events, speaking, residencies, or performances:


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