When we’re not on stage…

  In the last week I’ve been in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway – a different city each day.  I’m on tour with the rock band of guitar legend Steve Vai, and we perform nearly every night in a different city, often a different country. When we get home in 3... read more

This Morning in Athens

  Last night we played Athens and today flew to Zagreb. I woke up a couple hours before we had to leave for the airport this morning and figured I had 45 minutes to an hour for some exercise, so I stopped at the front desk of the hotel and asked which was the... read more

Traipsing to Tampere

We’re leaving Helsinki and traveling to Tampere, an hour or so away – but still in Finland –  for our first show.  As I checked out of the hotel, I learned my luggage has just arrived at the airport, but there’s no time to get it, today, so I won’t see it... read more

From Home to Helsinki

Sat. Oct. 20 and Sun. Oct. 21, 2012 Five days at home was glorious but brief.  This is what it looked like in the evening, honest: My greatest achievement during the break, aside from repacking and submitting my absentee ballot for the Nov. 6 election, was a date with... read more

Home is …

I’ve been on tour with a rock band for the last two months, watching the legendary Steve Vai every night from my spot (behind him and eight feet to his left) – and sharing the stage with four other stellar musicians: Philip Bynoe -bass, Dave Weiner – guitar, ... read more

Weeping China Doll

“What is your favorite Steve Vai tune to play and why?” – is what a friend asked me about my touring with Vai’s “Story of Light” tour.  “Yikes!” I thought – almost every one is a favorite – but  all for different... read more

Snared by the Bling

On my day off in Connecticut, my best friend, Celeste, drove down from Hartford to spend the day with me.  Aside from luxurious long conversations sitting on the tour bus or on the hotel room floor, we went clothes-shopping at the mall — aaagh — there, I... read more

Nashville – Harp Stuff Happens

Tue. Aug. 21, 2012 – Nashville When we get to the club – The Marathon – they’re just loading out a car show and there are still a few oil slicks on the floor. There’s an SUV ‘cutout’ in the middle of the huge room – looks like someone took a metal chain... read more

How to Enjoy a Steve Vai Show

How to Enjoy a Steve Vai Show … if you’re not a rock music fan (with special notes for classical musicians, science-engineer-types … and girls) [Part of the “Rock Harp Diaries” blog series] I’m on tour with legendary rock guitar virtuoso Steve Vai –... read more

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