What a year!

As 2024 begins, I want to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve taken together in 2023. For that, read on. But first …

My vision for 2024 is to share a life of creativity and innovation with you in every way. Whether you consider yourself an artistic soul or not. So l invite you – starting now to:

Join me for a challenge, a concert…

EVERYONE is invited to a 5-DAY Creativity Challenge Jan 15-20 — and a LIVE Boston-Area Concert Sat. Feb. 10 – Tix are going fast! Stay tuned for workshops and concerts this Spring & Summer in The Netherlands, Paris, Belgium, Wales, Tennessee, New Jersey – and parts unknown! Check the upcoming schedule.

… and a creativity class for everyone

2024 begins with a new adventure for YOU and me together! For the first time, I’m opening one class in the secret halls of Hip Harp Academy to everyone in search of greater creative expression – whether you play the harp, another instrument. Whether you’re a musician or not. It starts with music – from the harp – and expands to include every part of your life.

For years I’ve been incubating this class, watching the impact on harp players and hearing them say: “this class is about making your LIFE more creative!” – so, now – foranyone who wants more tools for thinking outside the box, enriching life and reigniting the lifelong dream of being more deeply self-expressed join me for The Creative Resonance Project.

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Buy your tickets for my First Live Show in Boston area here.

Here are just a few of the 2023 Highlights:

And now … the Highlights of 2023!

Read them below or read and share with friends!

The Golden Cage

The stupendous joy of achieving and sharing a life-long goal with the help of stunningly talented group of creatives including director, actor, designers, arrangers, film producers and YOU – all those who donated to make this possible!!

Film Release on Streaming Musicals

On April 27, 2023, we were thrilled to announce that “The Golden Cage” is now available on Streaming Musicals. This release opens the doors to the magic of this award-winning musical for audiences around the globe.

“The Golden Cage” tells the myth of a magical golden cage that’s irresistable from the outside – and inescapable from the inside. It’s for multi-generational audiences and I’m so proud of this production and the film!

YOU Made it Possible!

THANK YOU TO ALL the incredible individuals who played a vital role in making “The Golden Cage” a reality. Your generous donations to the fundraising campaign where what made this dream possible. It is through YOUR support that we were able to create a film that has already touched thousands of people around the globe.

To everyone who’s watched it:THANK YOU! Your engagement and enthusiasm, your beautiful comments about “The Golden Cage” inspire me to the next step in this journey: to bring the show LIVE to theaters and opera companies everywhere.

What’s next?

If you have a local theater or opera company that produces new works for multi-generational audiences – hit reply and let me know and we’ll connect with them.

The Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2023 I had honor and joy of getting to take my place amongst some of the most inspiring harpists I know, who’ve changed the role of the harp in this world.

What an Honor!

In this year’s Somerset Folk Harp Festival, I was honored with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award through my contributions as a Grammy-nominated musician, composer, performer, mentor, and innovator in collaboration with the CAMAC Harp company in France, for creating the “DHC” harp. Read more here.

What’s Next?

I’ll be back at the Somerset Harp Festival this summer with a powerful new half-day workshop on July 18th called “Creating Performance that Connects” – stay tuned for more info or hit reply if you want a link to join.

Composer’s Spotlight Series

Celebrating YOU

A huge highlight of the year was the launch of our Composer’s Spotlight Series — a blog series designed to shine a light on performers who are bringing their creative talent and dedication to playing my compositions.

Each blog post in the series aimed to showcase the individuality, creativity, and unique interpretations of the featured performers we showcased and celebrated  Evelin GrebloImogen Israel and Pumehana Wadsworth.

Read the Composer’s Blog Post Series here.

What’s Next?

We are excited to continue the Composer’s Spotlight series in the coming year, celebrating and showcasing inspired performances of my compositions. If you have – or know of – a performance of one of my works that you’d like us to consider, please hit ‘reply’ and share the URL of the video and what you’d like us to notice most about it.

The Salzburg Concerto

3 Powerful Women ~ 2 Hip Harps

On October 7-8, I experienced two of my dreams colliding: to get to play on stage with inspired musicians for an enthusiastic audience — and to get to WATCH as a master soloist plays a show-stopping performance of my full 3-Movement concerto for harpists. For this wonderful experience I got to collaborate with powerful women: Maestra, Elisabeth Fuchs – conductor of the Philharmonie Orchestra and the award-winning soloist, Evelyn Huber. Stay tuned as we prepare video selections from the show.

What’s Next?

As we bid farewell to 2023, we can’t help but feel a surge of excitement for the year ahead. Get ready to mark your 2024 calendars and watch out for more live performances next year!

Check the upcoming performances, events, and concerts here.

Or contact us for booking. We are now accepting bookings for 2024 and beyond!

The Modulation Staircase

Phase One – Released!

For YEARS I’ve been wanting to release the powerful set of warm-up exercises I creatd for myself – but was my Legacy Project Team started preparing them, we released we’d need to create premliminary exercises to prepare harpist for the advanced level warmups I play.

So we created the Modulation Warmup Series: The Modulation Staircase. This new class, launched in September 2023, has already made a significant impact on harpists who are using it to expand their skills and knowledge of music. Check out the Modulation Staircase

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for the next step in the Modulation Warmup Series and more arrangements to be released soon!

Inside the Golden Cage

‘Unlocking The Golden Cage’ Series

Unlocking the Golden Cage is a series of interviews and conversations where we unlock the stories that lie within us through the themes of the award-winning musical “The Golden Cage” and the people who inspired it, created it and love it.

What’s Next?

We’re reaching out in 2024 to local theaters or opera companies that produce new works for multi-generational audiences. Check the Producer’s Info Page to learn more.

Jung at Harp

We’re celebrating our 138th episode!

Do you love great conversations? In “Jung at Harp” you jump into a conversation that explores the world where music and the psyche meet, illuminated by Kathleen’s expertise in the work of Carl Jung and my lifelong work as a composer and performer. Two experts in their fields – music and psychoanalysis – in a conversation about ideas without any ulterior agenda. These conversations aren’t about trying to prove, teach, or sell.

Deborah Henson-Conant is a composer, performer and creator of Hip Harp Academy an international training community for creative expression, improvisation and performances skills for harpists.  Website · TEDx Talk

Kathleen Wiley is a Jungian Psychoanalyst, presenter, and author empowering people to live out of a conscious connection to the larger Self – in her work with couples and in her writings and workshops at Inner Divine Spirit.

What’s Next?

After 3 years of sharing it as a video podcast, we will put it out as a podcast this 2024, including some of our most popular earlier sessions.


The 5-Day Harp Improv Challenge

To introduce the Hip Harp Academy Fall Quarter last September, I invited harpists around the world to join my 5-Day Harp Improv Challenge, to get the taste of what “Structure is Freedom” really is all about. The response was spectacular, with a THOUSAND harpists enthusiastically joining the challenge and embracing the structure and freedom of the “Power Progression” I taught.

Here’s what they said:

“…these challenges are life-changing. My family comments frequently on the change in me…my playing and my confidence.” ~ Betty H.

“Three words—Fun, non-threatening, educational.” ~ Cherrie M.

“I really love this challenge, it makes me practice! And i love the sixthes!!” ~ Alma K.

“It is fun and you learn a lot… I can clearly recommend it to every harp player – no matter what level!” ~ Michaela S.

This year’s 5-Day Harp Improv Challenge was also special because some of my favorite harp friends like Sylvia Woods and Shelley Fairplay provided special prizes to our daily winners.

What’s Next?

The “Vision-to-Action” Creativity Challenge!!! My next challenge is for EVERYONE — harpists, musicians and non-musicians! Whether you’re a seasoned musician, an aspiring artist, or simply someone looking to explore their creative side, my upcoming challenge is all about expanding YOUR creative expression.

Join the FREE 5-Day “Vision-to-Action” Creativity Challenge

TedX: How to Get Out of Your Inner Cage

A Story about a Story that took a lifetime to tell

My second TedX talk – the 13-minute titled “How to Get Out of Your Inner Cage” was released last October. This talk tells the story of why it took a lifetime for me to complete my musical “The Golden Cage” and the 4 questions I needed to answer to get out of my OWN cage so I could finally discover the key that the characters needed to complete their story.

Watch it here.

What’s Next?

If this TEDx talk inspires you, please share it with friends and learn more about the show at GoldenCageMusical.com

Thank you so much for being a part of my 2023!

I can’t wait to see you in 2024.

Celebrating the teams that make this possible

‘How’s 2023?’ – according to the Hip Harp Team

Rhenzell, Jehu, and Ivann joined the team this year. Here are their takeaways:

“Working with this incredible team is one of the highlights of my 2023. I can’t express enough how thankful and lucky I feel to be part of a group that not only works together, but also supports and guides each other. And I can’t wait to dive into 2024 with all of you, making even more awesome projects together while having a blast. Let’s remember to have fun and not stress too much about making things perfect! – Rhenzell

“I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of the Hip Harp Team. It’s a pleasure to work with DHC – a Grammy-nominated composer-performer – and with everybody on the team who encourages and helps me grow and hone my skills. I hope we achieve all of our goals for the next year!” – Jehu

“Joining DHC’s team has been a highlight of my 2023! The combination of fun, teamwork, and mutual support, coupled with our shared passion for Music, Arts, and Creativity, is propelling us to end the year with a BANG! Excitedly looking forward to even bigger projects in 2024! – Ivann

Thank you for being part of our 2023! Your passion and dedication have been an inspiration to us all.

Now, as we look forward to the new year, we invite you to continue your creative journey with us. Stay tuned for exciting updates, new opportunities, and transformative experiences in the coming year!

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year!


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