Merry Christmas!

I so wish I could be with you right now, celebrating this year and welcoming the next. I imagine us sitting at the piano. I’m playing and we’re singing together – all the songs we love. I’m harmonizing, like I love to do, and I can hear your voice singing with me.

This is a season of celebration — of the beautiful moments we shared.

I always believe that the most meaningful gifts we can share are those that reflect our true selves. With that in mind, I wanted to share something special with you this season.

This Holiday Weekend:

These are the gifts of LISTENING I want to share with you:

This is the gift of FANTASY – a Filmed-Live Musical about two mythical creatures and the Golden Cage they …. ??? freedom from your own inner cage that I want to share with you

For many years I dreamt of being able to share this fairy tale with ANYONE – it’s the musical I always dreamt of completing and sharing and after YEARS of work and the inpsired collaboration of so many people, I can finally share The Golden Cage with you. The Golden Cage, an inspirational musical film that encourages self-reflection and inspires you to pursue your dreams, is for anyone, regardless of age.

Watch The Golden Cage and enjoy the thought-provoking and heartwarming experience. Share in the emotions, the triumphs, and the joy that this film brings and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

This is the gift of YOUR creative expression

1. EARLY REGISTRATION is for Hip Harp Academy – Classes officially start Jan. 18, but Visioning and Goal-Setting sessions start Jan. 4 . EARLY REGISTRATION for HIP HARP ACADEMY HERE!

2. HOLIDAY SPECIALS for HARPISTS are still available: Classes, Mini-Classes, double-classes. SEE ALL THE HOLIDAY SPECIALS HERE!

My 12 Blogposts of Christmas

I had so much fun putting these together years ago and I hope you have fun reading them, listening, downloading, singing …

  1. Season of Celebration – A Holiday Round to Sing Read it here
  2. The Guessing Gift Read it here
  3. Tracks for Tix Holiday Special Read it here
  4. Santa & the Harp Lady (drawings by Ellen Lebow) Read it here
  5. I Found Christmas for you in the “Season of Celebration” – Read it here
  6. The Gift – 15 Fantasies on Carols from Around the World Read it here
  7. Flute & Harp for Christmas Read it here
  8. In the Christmas Grotto ~ A (Very) Imperfect Carol Read it here
  9. Chappy (Belated) Chanuka Read it here
  10. Holiday Music is Here … whether you like it or not Read it here
  11. How to Wrap a CD in One Piece of Letter-Sized Paper (with downloadable gift-wrap paper) – Read it here
  12. And a partridge in pear tree … (OK there’s no blogpost for this, but the partridges insisted)

And wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, I wish you a wonderful holiday weekend!



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