“Baroque Flamenco” is one of my most-performed pieces and I LOVE hearing all the different ways people play it.   I also love hearing about each person’s journey with piece, what they’ve learned from it and how they make it their own.

At least once a week I see new performances of it on YouTube, or get a request for the license to perform it as a concerto with symphony, or chamber ensemble.  So I created this page to collect all.  I also created an interview series where harpists who play “Baroque Flamenco” can share videos and stories of their version of the piece – from concerts, contests, television shows – or in barns, in attics, in theaters, on the street – in living rooms, in kitchens, on subways – or reinventing it to play for hospice or bedside.

Scroll down to link to performances of “Baroque Flamenco” by musicians all over the world, along with their stories about what they learned from the piece and how they’ve adapted it for their own performance.

See how THEY play it …

Each performer brings something different to this piecesometimes it’s subtle, like a different interpretation, or a different choice of which version they play.  Sometimes it’s dramatic – like playing it on a different instrument, or adding costumes or dancers. 

Click on each blogpost to see each version and learn about the process each performer went through to bring themselves and their unique creative expression to the piece.

Ruth Lee, United Kingdom

“During my undergraduate studies at the University of York, I received a Concerto Award – this was the subsequent performance of DHC’s Soñando en Español with the University of York Chamber Ensemble in 2019.” CLICK HERE to read more & see the video!

Eleanor Turner, United Kingdom

“In this video I’m playing “Baroque Flamenco” with the Louisiana Philharmonic in the summer of 2014 at the American Harp Convention with DHC conducting!”

CLICK HERE to read more & see the video!

Ronja Ehrbar, Germany

“When I play Baroque Flamenco, the listeners are always amazed because they did not expect such a music of a harp.  Often they even have tears in their eyes.”

CLICK HERE to read more & see the video!

Lisa Tarabbia, Italy

“I reinforced my fingers with all those glissando!  My calluses are stronger than ever! 🙂  I think I’ve learned to play not just with my fingers but with all my body.”

CLICK HERE to read more & see the video!

Paola Testa, Italy

“Baroque Flamenco reinforced my technique of glissando with nails and percussion on the sounding board.  In addition, instills in me huge satisfaction play it.”

CLICK HERE to read more & see the video!

Mai Fukui, Paris and Osaka

“Adding Baroque Flamenco to my repertoire opens up a whole new world!  It enables me to perform it on the DHC32.  Being able to perform and share this amazing piece & sound is just fantastic!”

CLICK HERE to read more & see the video!

Elodie Baile, France

“I wanted to enlarge my musical repertoire, basically only classical until now, and I was looking for different styles of music when I found Baroque Flamenco.”

CLICK HERE to read more & see the video!

Here is a catalog of video blogs featuring Baroque Flamenco Performances. We are constantly adding to this list so check back occassionally:



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